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types of earrings
By MEHUL LAKHANI 902 views

How Many Different Types of Earrings are there?

Earrings are the main accessory for any look. With them, in addition to defining our personality, we give the necessary touch to our models according to our “outfit”, our mood, or our style. But in the market, there are many types of earrings and sometimes, when buying, we find it difficult to choose the one that best suits our needs.

We let ourselves be carried away by the models that are most seen in “influencers”, those that are fashionable or simply, we choose the one that we liked the most at first glance, although it may be that when we have them in our hands, we do not like them as much as we thought. , they do not feel good to us or even, due to their closure, they may be annoying or uncomfortable to wear.

In this article, we are going to talk about the different types of earring closures and their peculiarities, trying to define what in our opinion could be the best option depending on the shape of the face, the tone of the skin, the comfort of the type of closure And course, we are not going to forget the importance of the number of piercings in our ear as another aspect to consider.

Combination of Different Earrings and Piercings

The combination of earrings depending on where the holes are made will further define our style. Therefore, if you are thinking of getting a new piercing, first take a look at our article Types of ear piercings, where you will find the different types of earrings in the ear according to their position. It will help you to get a clearer idea when it comes to combining hoop earrings of different diameters, with different earrings depending on their position in the ear and size along with piercings of all kinds. Seeing in this way what combinations would be best for her or him, being able to choose appropriately between the Different Types of Earrings for men or women.

Choice of Earrings according to their closure

To finish, we must look at the type of closure that the chosen earring has since no matter how beautiful our earrings are if they are not comfortable for us, we will keep them in their little box and they will not shine again. Let’s have a look at the Eight Different Types of Earrings based on their closures.

8 Types of Earrings Based on their closures

1. Stud Earrings

The most common closures in little girls and newborns are the stud or screw earrings. In these closures, the pin that joins the earring with the nut through the ear is covered by the nut without the end protruding. We must bear in mind that girls do not change their earrings as often as adults do, so with these Diamond stud Earrings, possible friction or discomfort when sleeping is avoided.

2. Hippie Clasp earrings

Also known as hippie or hook closures, they are the most used for elongated earrings that hang from the ear below the lobe. Earrings with this closure are very comfortable and easy to put on, but it is essential to take into account the weight of the earrings. If it is very heavy, it will pull our ears down, weighing us down and becoming uncomfortable. These closures should not be used by older people whose ears have lost strength and tone due to the passage of time.

3. Omega Clasp earrings

On the other hand, omega closure earrings are the safest when it comes to avoiding losses. It is difficult for these closures to open, so it is almost impossible for them to be lost. This is the closure indicated for heavier and larger earrings. But be careful if you are sensitive to pressure because the hem that goes under the lobe to adjust to the hinge could tighten and become uncomfortable.

4. Snap closure Earrings

Snap closures are the most common. They are easy to put on, comfortable, and fit easily in the ear. They are the most used for small size silver earrings. But as an inconvenience, if the earring is not perfectly adjusted to the hinge, it could be loose, causing the nut to fall with the movement, being able to lose the earring. Snap closure is mostly found in Hoop Earrings, if you explore Diamond Hoops, then we have wide Ranges of Diamond Hoop Earrings.

5. Earrings with Ballestilla or Catalan closure

Another closure that stands out for its security is the crossbow or Catalan closure. It is a very common closure in earrings. Known by all, this closure provides support and is very comfortable to wear. Although when closing it must be done carefully and make sure that the pin fits into the closure correctly to avoid scares.

6. Hidden clasp earrings

Inserted or hidden closures are the most used in small earrings, which are generally inserted into the ear from back to front to try to hide the stud by inserting it inside the earring as a closure.

7. Magnet closure earrings

Last but not least, we cannot fail to mention the magnet or clip closure earrings. These closures are those that use earrings for which it is not necessary to have an ear-piercing. The magnet earring is fixed in the ear by magnets. Which allows you to wear earrings even without holes. In the same way as the clip-on earring, older and used in yesteryear, with the difference that the latter, if they squeeze the earlobe too much, can be difficult to support for long periods.

8. Ear Cuffs

Although if what you want to avoid is piercing your ear, but you can’t resist wearing earrings, the best option is ear cuffs. They are earrings that are currently very fashionable and you can find them on our website in varied models of different styles. They do not need a hole and to put them on, it is as easy as adjusting it in your ear in the position that you like the most.

In any case, and despite all these tips and recommendations, the most important thing you should know when choosing earrings is that if you like them, they are comfortable and you look favored, no matter what the manuals say. Esthetics about shapes, colors, and fashions. If you like them… They are the earrings you were looking for! Because fashion changes with every step we take and in the end, we brand ourselves every day, with our tastes, combinations, and occurrences. Let’s use our imagination and invent new looks!

Mehul Lakhani

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