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By NEHA SHARMA 3,437 views

Suitable Jewelry for Women of every Age Group

With time, the personality of every woman changes. What a girl used to wear in her college days cannot be worn by the same woman who becomes a mother. Similarly, it goes for jewelry. Not every jewelry type you buy at a young age suits you when you get older. The jewelry trends constantly keep on changing & innovation comes in. Not only is there innovation in jewelry but also entrepreneurship innovations sometimes do the impossible. Nowadays, you can find designer jewelry online, never did anyone ever thought of buying an expensive item like jewelry online, but it is happening! 

Due to the factors listed above, it is recommended to buy evergreen jewelry. When you go for something evergreen, it stays in trend for a longer period & also suits you as well as your grandchildren. The best type of evergreen jewelry is modern diamond jewelry. Diamond trends comparatively change less than the other substances. In our opinion, nothing can beat diamonds! 

Why should you opt for a Diamond Jewellery Collection? 

  • A Good Investment 
  • Less likely to get damaged 
  • Emits a spiritual meaning 
  • Beautiful & Elegant 
  • Exceptional emotional value 
  • Durability 

When you buy a piece of diamond jewelry, there are two categories that you should decide from to solve your purpose:- 

  • Daily wear jewelry
  • Occasional jewelry

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Once you decide on it, it gets easier to filter out the options and select one. 

Below are some of the best trending diamond jewelry to help you. But always remember to find that evergreen factor for yourself. If it’s not evergreen for you, it’s not worth buying. The best diamond jewelry is the one that you admire & know you will never get bored of wearing.  

Diamond trends, you should hook on to:- 

Moonlit pattern:

The moonlit trend has been going on for a long time now. It looks chic, fragile & neat. You can get a ring, earring, or necklace customized in this pattern from your favorite jewelry designer online.

Studded diamond jewelry collection:

If you’re looking for something traditional, the oldest & the latest Indian jewelry trend is studded. A set of studded necklaces and earrings can pretty much cover you for all your upcoming occasions. 

Band style rings:

Among modern diamond jewelry, engagement rings are always in demand. An engagement ring is not only valuable because of its price but also because it transfers a commitment. Engagement rings are to be chosen with a lot of things in mind, firstly one needs to consider that it is daily wearing jewelry. Hence, the band-style rings are the best diamond jewelry type, the style looks just perfect as it seems. 

Y drop diamond necklaces:

This drip sets outstandingly on your skin. They are sparkling & attractive. You will always be glad to have & show it off. It is a popular necklace style that features a small piece of chain and a focal drop in the middle.

Diamond pearl earrings:

Dress like a Blair Waldorf from gossip girl & be the fashion nova by wearing your outfits with the diamond pearl earrings. They look absolutely rich & classy. 

Which metal to choose with diamonds? 

If you’re confused about which metal to compliment the diamonds with, Rose Gold is the option. Rose Gold competes with the diamond jewelry collection you have chosen & makes the look extra elite. 


Tinted metals, like rose-colored metals, have the most impact on colorless diamonds since these diamonds reflect some of the colors of the metal. 


 We recommend you look for designer jewelry online. You might think it’s risky, but trust us, it’s not if you find reliable sources. Here are the top reasons why you should buy jewelry online:- 

  1. You get to compare diamond jewelry prices
  2. Comparison of different diamond trends
  3. Variety of options
  4. Privacy in your space
  5. The comfort of your home 
  6. Away from the marketing pressure
  7. Cheaper deals 


A jewelry piece is a glory to a woman’s personality. It brings out more of the “women” in one and empowers the person with confidence. A diamond specifically signifies the inner you. Many of us are attached to the things we own & jewelry is one of them. Hence, make an attachment with the “reflection of you, and spend time to decide & get the right investment for your beauty. 

Neha Sharma

Neha Sharma is a well-known jewellery designer with the abilities to keep a track and predict the market trends with the utmost accuracy. She has worked in different jewelry brands.

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