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By SARA LONCAREVIC 2,033 views

Digitalization in the Workplace: Hurdles to Overcome

The modern workforce is changing. Modern labor conditions are changing. Today’s technology-driven world can make things a little bit tricky for time-tracking. The fact is, you can’t always keep up with those changes using old methods. They may have worked a few years ago—but they definitely don’t work today. It’s time to take digitalization into your hands.

Digital transformation is the process of transforming an organization into a digital-first business. As the world becomes increasingly dependent on technology, businesses are forced to adapt or risk being left behind. The ability to adapt to technology is essential for any company looking to stay competitive, and this happens in stages.

The Right Mindset for Digitalization

Digital transformation requires a shift in mindset from the top down: from management down through every level of an organization. It also requires a change in how employees do their jobs and how they interact with customers. Ultimately, digitalization means thinking about how to remove manual steps from your processes. 

Helpful Time Tracking Software

Digitalization is a new trend in workplace organizations. The right digital time tracking software helps managers, who have been facing the challenging task of keeping track of working time, to get real-time information regarding the efficiency of their employees working process and manage their project effectively. In fact, advanced project time tracking software can not only help organize your work processes but also automatically generate several related documents such as project reports and team reports, thus saving plenty of your valuable time. 

How to Find The Right Tool to Digitize Work Processes

With today’s blurring lines between work and leisure and the ever-demanding modern-day schedule, you might think that finding a comprehensive tool that can organize your work processes is too big of a task. However, you’ll soon find out that having the best digital tools at hand is not only advantageous but also a necessity.

If you’re planning on implementing this software system, here are some things you should know:

1. A Simple Time Tracking Software Is Not Enough

You need to think about how you will use this software before you start using it. If you want more than just time tracking, look for a good software solution that allows for multiple types of information input and output features so that you can use it for other purposes as well. For example, if you want to use it for invoicing, then find out whether the software has these features built into it already or if they are available as add-ons or extensions from third parties who have created them specifically for this purpose (such as accounting firms). TimeTrack is such a software – it does not only allow you to track your working time, but also keeps an overview of the project time tracking as well as plans duties, tasks, and appointments. Other legal software tools may help you with electronic signatures or corporate record-keeping.

2. Make Sure You Have All The Right Hardware For Your Needs

Digital transformation can radically change your business. It can lead to business growth and it can increase the efficiency of your employees. But it can’t be done overnight. Digitalization takes time to work properly. It means taking your work processes to the next level. Sometimes tracking systems require a certain level of hardware in order to run properly — whether it’s something simple like an internet connection or a Tablet with NFC/RFID Tags.

3. Give Your Employees The Right Onboarding

You need to make sure that your employees’ time is being used efficiently; otherwise, they’ll be wasting precious minutes or hours on things that don’t matter or could be done by someone else — which means that you’ll be losing money as well as productivity!

When digital tools are used successfully, the implementation of these solutions will pay off for the company. And yet, these solutions must be designed correctly. An important aspect of this is the ease of use. There can be no doubt that employees waste too much time if they need to fiddle with their digital tools. If a tool is not easy enough to use, and if it causes confusion among employees, it is not very likely that they will use it at all! 

The more self-service a tool is, the easier it is to use and the more you can rely on it. Always pay close attention to employees’ feedback; let them have an active role in shaping your service and make sure that they feel comfortable using it.


Looking ahead, it is clear that the digital transformation in business offers opportunities but also brings challenges. It is a great challenge for modern management to master the change. Therefore, companies have to develop their management system and organizational culture to be able to fully use the potential of digitalization for future growth. 

The right software can provide an effective, legally compliant and simple solution for the digital transition. TimeTrack is a software that is particularly well suited for time tracking, project management and duty planning.