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Dining rooms
By JOE MAILLET 764 views

5 Stunning New Colours for Your Dining Room Designs

Colours have a serious cognitive impact and may significantly influence your mood. In fact, each colour has its own aura and can evoke distinct emotions. Maybe this is why professional interior designers use different colour palettes to design spaces for customers of various temperaments.

Your dining room is the centre of all your social activities. It’s where you spend time with your loved ones and where you may put a stop to all the turmoil of regular life and relax for a bit. As a result, your dining room design should be curated in a way that evokes a sense of serenity and calmness. While there are several methods to do this, one of the simplest and most effective is to select the appropriate colour palette.

While classic paint colours like beige and ivory have their own fan following, there are a few modern colours that even the most discerning interior designers are swooning over. Do you want to know what colours they are? Continue reading!

# 1 Charcoal Grey 

Do you enjoy the calm, relaxed atmosphere? Choose this clean yet flowing grey shade that complements many dining room decor ideas. This hue works well as a base shade as well as an accent colour and is perfect for larger dining rooms. Charcoal grey, a slightly deeper shade, may add a touch of mysterious charm to your dining room decor.

Combine this colour with brighter, rose tones to provide a pop of colour to your dining room wall design.

# 2 Chai Brown 

Say hi to positive-tea with this beautiful hue of brown. This colour exudes joy and happiness, making it ideal for all those sunny people out there. If you want to start your day on a positive tone, integrating this hue in your dining room decor will help you do so.

Choose this as an accent hue or as the foundation for your gallery wall to provide a warm, inviting vitality to your dining room decor.

# 3 Love Lavender 

With this vibrant take on pink, you may experiment with overtones of romanticism. Lavender is both naughty and nice, making it ideal for your picture-perfect dining room interior design. This delicate yet striking colour will breathe new life into your dining room wall designs, making it ideal for spaces with space constraints.

Combine this hue with mint and cream for a decor that appears as it came straight from Pinterest.

# 4 Sky Blue 

Nothing suggests spaciousness like the color of the sky. This blue tone is smooth, spacious, and lush, and it will offer openness and peace to your space. It has a natural, earthy feel, making it ideal for nature lovers. This colour goes well with ivory, cream, or beige furniture and is ideal for dining room designs with a modern theme.

Consider a sky-blue accent wall with complimentary peach and rose tones. Isn’t it lovely?

# 5 Dusk Orange 

With this stunning hue of orange, you can capture the mood of a beachy sunset in your dining room decor. Dusk orange is a warm, friendly, and inviting colour that will welcome a pleasant light into your dining room, making it the ideal place for a hearty meal.

Use this colour as an accent wall in your dining room design, along with soft colours of white and cream, to create a comforting refuge.

# 6 Powder Pink 

Powder pink is undoubtedly one of the most popular wall colours that can help transform the entire vibe of your space. Whether you prefer the contemporary, modern style, or love the royal, vintage look, this colour is perfect for you. Pair this with nude, grey tones and you’re all set to give your dining room a stunning new look. 

# 7 Sage Green 

If you’re an outdoorsy spirit who wishes to bring the tranquil vibes of the great outdoors to your dining room design, this colour is perfect for you. This colour can work well as an accent colour and pairs well with cool tone neutrals like grey, taupe, or even lighter shades of green. You can also experiment with rosy shades to pair with this colour.  

So, there you have it: a few innovative wall paint choices that will revitalise your dining room designs. Thinking which one is best for you? Allow the professionals to assist you. Contact experienced interior design organisations such as Livspace for an in-depth consultation on the best dining room ideas for you.

Livspace is one of the leading interior design firms in the country, offering full-service home décor to hasten your home renovation. Livspace handles everything from design through manufacturing, allowing you to sit back, relax, and watch your ideal home come to life.

Joe Maillet

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