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fab glass and mirror
By OLIVIA LIXX 1,619 views

10 Rich Professional Tricks to Display Glass Shelves in Outlets to Grab Attention

In the world of retail, they say that preparedness and presentation are everything. This means that if you want to make sales in your business, you must first take care of the presentational part of the business to attract clients. One such way, of course, is using glass shelves in your store.

Here, you have the option of having rectangular glass shelves or triangular shelves in your stall. Glass shelves are a unique and attractive way to style up your shop. That’s simply because of their designs and the air of sophistication they carry.

Glass technology getting that much better, manufacturers can now create glass shelves that are thin and light, but just as strong as other shelves. Because the shop owner is the one to decide what goes on the shelves, manufacturers have made quality products so much so that they can be able to take the weight of most products.

However, even with the glass shelves, there is still the matter of how to display the glass in the shop to attract clients and promote what you are selling. Placing these glass shelves needs to be purposeful. With the right placement, you can drastically change the look of your store to give your outlets a fresh lease of life. Let’s look at several ways in which you can do this:

Create Balance In The Room

Balance is crucial when it comes to storing styling and design. Especially when you are using glass shelves, it’s important to make it look like you are working with the flow rather than working against it. If you are speaking about asymmetrical order because not all items in the shop have the same shape or size.

This means that to achieve a balance, you will have to place the shelves in a way which will attract the buyers’ attention while still having a good flow for the entire shop. As such, high moving products should be set at the back so that customers can go through the products and see what’s what before they choose what they want.

Make Your Design Look Effortless

Great designs are said to be effortless and can easily connect to the environment; therefore, you should strive to make your designs effortless. You can do this by using the hanging glass shelves. This is the type of shelves that are hung by strands fitted in the glass. They are beautiful and attract the eye because of the unevenness of the shelves. Small items should form the base whereas the big items on the shelves should be at the top of the rack.

You should, however, understand that the shelves are not connected because they separately hang from different ropes attached from the ceiling. Hanging at a different axis creates some depth to the interior décor. You should paint the string depending on the color of the wall.

Therefore, you should also consider corresponding colors which would make the colors pop even more. If this idea is well implemented as supposed the arrangement can be used as a piece of art because of the geometric pattern of the shelves which the human eye is attracted to.

Make Your Design Look Effortless

Enhance The Shelf Appearance Using Flower Pots

This is crucial decorative features that are meant to add more detail to the plain shelf background. Not only are the flowers in a business environment but also, they are statements to the clients. It allows the client to connect with the shop because in the midst of what they are buying the environment is somewhat familiar. Flower pots are beautiful and are most effective because there are different designs which can accompany the various glass shelves. However circular pots are mostly available and would complement a rectangular glass shelves.

Add To The Ambiance Using Led Lights

LED lights are beautiful enhancers that have been used in designing and improving how the different spaces feel and look like. They have overly been used on the streets on signs because of its availability in numerous colors. In this case, it can be used around a triangle shelves to make it pop. This would add to the ambiance of the store b creating some depth and attracting the eye of the client.

The Straight Store Layout

When you are looking to make maximum use of your space in the store, the straight store layout is the simplest and most direct. Many store owners like this sort of layout because it’s direct and lets the customers know what is available in what aisle.

This style is popular for those using rectangle glass shelves. Because of their shape, they attract clients to the very edge of the aisle. This area is popular because it’s visible from two ends; this makes it [prime real-estate for some of the more specialized products in the store.

Angular Store Layouts

The layout of the store means a lot to clients than most shop owners think. Because of the way things are arranged, it can make things easier or more difficult to find in a store. When you are dealing with triangle shelves, angles are everything. Mostly preferred for corners and stand-alone showcases, these types of glass shelves are appropriate because of the viewing angles they present to the customer.

The goal here is to have people see your products well enough that they want to buy them. With enough room, this style helps to optimally arrange a place to make it more visually pleasing to the eye. Most of these glass shelves can either be standing on their own or secured against a wall.

Try Conveying Your Theme While Using The Glass Shelves

Before you started your store, there must have been a reason as to why you opened it. These reasons are the unique selling points for every seller. Therefore, consider focusing on playing the “your story card” as it ensures that you can retain your clientele who recognize you for it.

This is done on the most viewed shelve. One of the many ways which you can attract customers is by placing your unique pieces at the front because it will mostly attract an audience when it is compared to the rather standard item display. And rectangular glass shelves are the best for such displays.

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