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interior design
By KATHERINE BELLE 2,766 views

10 Ways to Display Wall art besides Framing Them

Nothing’s simply more refreshing than gathering your favorite pieces of artwork together, and getting ready to hang them up in one space. But before you grab the traditional frames; the hammer and nails to tack those designs onto the wall, take a step back and look at different options to display wall art first.

It’s already a given that any piece of art framed and hung the right way can be a massive game-changer as far as interior design goes. 

But just in case the popular boards on Pinterest just won’t suit you, or your landlord has a “no nails” policy, then there are other methods to display your favorite wall art.

Let’s look at these alternatives and these options.

10 Other Ways to Display Wall Art

Who says you have to stick to just plastering and hanging wall art against the wall. Time to test out some other methods to display wall art, and see what works for you, and what doesn’t.

#1 Use the clothesline

Use the clothesline

Affordable and convenient — especially if there are already clotheslines available in the house or your apartment. We don’t actually mean a clothesline stretching on and on for miles. Cut a clothesline wire of reasonable length, and use clothespins to attach mini-sized wall art to them as if they were wet laundry.

#2 Leave it on the floor

Leave it on the floor

This choice of displaying wall art is cozy, laid-back, and charming in a medium apartment. Lean a favorite art piece vertically against the wall, and see how the atmosphere easily transforms into a space that’s lived-in and gloriously nonchalant.

Plus, it’s also a great solution for renters who live in apartments that don’t allow nails to touch the walls.

#3 Lean them against other frames

Lean them against other frames
The Spruce

But what if your wall art collection is well-past the brim? If you’ve got new pieces coming in every now and then, then you need to resort to finding creative ways to make use of what you have. That includes your other pieces of artwork.

Extra space can always be utilized, and additional pieces can give your display a super casual-cool vibe.

#4 Wall art via the mobile

Wall art via the mobile
House to Decor

Who says mobiles are just for babies?

Thinking outside the box when it comes to displaying wall art is a big plus. Instead of finding a pre-made mobile, you can try finding a sturdy branch outside and grab some pieces of string at different lengths. From there you can hang photos, personal mementos, or mini-sized wall art at the end of the string.

It makes for a really unique display. It’s also quite personal, and would look great occupying awkward angles inside the house.

#5 Use floating shelves

Use floating shelves

Floating shelves are a classic. And they’re the perfect example of functional and decorative. On plain walls, simple floating shelves give a lot of decorating opportunities.

Mini to medium-sized wall art would look splendid mounted above these shelves. For additional aesthetic appeal, place your art pieces in scattering heights.

#6 Invisible shelves

Take floating shelves and kick it up a notch. If you want something cleaner, sleeker, and more put-together, use floating shelves that are the same color as the walls. As shelves blend into the walls, your artwork will appear like it’s floating. They stand out even more and serve as a focal point.

#7 Hang from bookshelves

Hang from bookshelves
Twyla Tharp

We’re so used to seeing wall art hanging on the walls above the couch, or above the fireplace. But don’t forget that the places for hanging wall art are limitless.

As long as the space looks viable, you can hang wall art from it. So try hanging single-panel canvas wall art from the side of a bookshelf. This works wonders if your home is open-floor, and bookshelves occasionally serve as dividers from one room to the next.

#8 Atop a stack of books

A top a stack of books

Leaning wall art against the wall exudes a casual and laid-back vibe. This works well for homes that have minimal space but have so much stuff. For instance, if you’ve got a pile of books gathering on the corner without a place to put them, you can use the books as a platform to display your wall art.

#9 Wrap-around Layout

Wrap-around Layout
Art to Frames

This gallery wall layout is absolutely beautiful if the space has a random wall or corner that sticks out. You don’t have to be upset about it. Just use that awkward space sticking out to your advantage. Wrap-around gallery walls can help turn the corner into something else — intentionally chic.

#10 Find a wire wall grid

Find a wire wall grid

If you’re a fan of collages, then you know that they have the tendency to appear absolutely cluttered. But that’s why wire wall grids exist. They can be your personal guide as you display your favorite wall art. The simple metal wire in the background gives the collection a clean and sleek backdrop, perfect for sleek and organized displays.

Step Outside the Box

You don’t have to remain stuck in a box when you’re decorating the house, especially when you’re hanging wall art. So, the next time you find wall art pieces that you absolutely love, don’t hesitate to grab them. Finding places to display them around the house is just a matter of creativity and being open-minded.

Katherine Belle

Katherine Belle is a contributor at Enjoy Canvas. She goes to great lengths to seek out new interior designs every time. She likes reading, designing, and of course, writing about interior design.

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