Unbreakable Union_ How to Use Glass in the Interior

Gothic architecture with large stained glass windows revealed the beauty of glass, although it appeared a long time ago. Since then, technology has greatly advanced. The advent of tempered glass was a real breakthrough and now it is used to make not just windows but walls and roofs, internal partitions and doors, tables and chairs, sinks and bathtubs. 

Glass is environmentally friendly, transmits light and can be combined with many materials. That is why designers and architects love it so much. The concepts of “home” and “glass” have become inseparable from each other. In this article, we will tell you how this incredible material can be used in your house interior:

1. Balconies and Windows

Large windows are a dream of many homeowners. They can turn a small room into a big and well-lit area. To achieve the best view of the outdoors, some people even completely replace the whole wall with a glass one. But in harsh winters, a full glass wall can lower your energy efficiency. So that and the cost of this renovation will turn many away from the idea. 

In apartment buildings, it can be difficult to obtain permission and increase the window size, but there is a solution such as balconies and loggias. They can be fully glazed and the balcony entrance can be panoramic.

2. Floors

Glass floors are made with lighting and various fillers like water, stones, and plants. Such solutions are found in futuristic interiors, such as hi-tech or minimalism. The transparent ceiling on the top floor will excite your guests and leave a lasting impression. Such a decorative element looks very impressive.

3. Stairs

The staircase is a rather massive element, especially for a smaller house. A glass staircase, on the other hand, is barely noticeable, adds lightness and airiness to the room. Most homeowners, however, are again put off by the cost and prefer only glass railings. No matter how strong today’s glass is, it’s still not as durable as wood or metal.

4. Furniture

Today you will not surprise anyone with glass countertops or shelves. Glass furniture looks light, almost weightless and doesn’t clutter up space. It often has futuristic shapes and looks very modern. But there is a drawback since it may seem cold and uncomfortable. In combination with wood and upholstered furniture, glass details can add sophistication to the interior. 

5. Mirrors

Mirror surfaces are basically glass as well, so the advances in glass manufacturing have also touched mirrors too. They are more safe, resistant to corrosion, mechanical and chemical influences of strong cleaning agents. Mirrors of the new generation are environmentally friendly. They do not stain over time and are very resistant.

In trend today are not mirrors themselves but mirror surfaces. If earlier the emphasis was on a beautiful frame, then now it’s on an unusual shape. Mirror furniture is also very popular.

6. Partitions

Designers like to use glass partitions in the interior. Glass helps zone the space, but does not clutter it. Partitions often divide the kitchen and living room in a studio or small apartment. For the bedroom, you can use frosted glass wall partitions for added privacy. With the help of colored glass, the interior will sparkle with colors from the reflections. This is especially beautiful in interiors with light-colored walls.

Open-bathroom projects have become popular. This when the partition walls are made of smart glass which changes transparency with a switch. The solution is interesting but for some people, the bathroom is an intimate area and opening it seems strange. However, you can use this idea in a different area of the house.

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