Do you want to install or replace a sectional garage door? Diy-Garage-Door-Parts presents 6 models of sectional garage doors from the US manufacturer, A garage door can be provided with smooth or wood-grain panels, with central grooves, high, cassette or grooved microphones … Many other customization options are possible such as the type of opening mechanism, the material, the maneuver or the color of the panels, it is, therefore, necessary to take stock of the different options for your garage door.

Diy-Garage-Door-Parts are now interested in a very specific category of doors, the sectional garage door. We will give you all the keys to correctly choose your sectional door and propose to detail 6 models of doors manufactured by Diy-Garage-Door-Parts. First, there are two types of sectional doors:

  • Sectional garage door to discharge ceiling
  • Sectional garage door with side discharge

Diy-Garage-Door-Parts USA manufacturer specialized in garage doors, shutters, gates, and tailor-made fences. Located in Haute – Garonne since 1956, it enjoys great expertise in its activities of design and manufacture of products for individual housing.

What is a Sectional Garage Door with overhead or Side Discharge?

  • Ceiling discharge :

A sectional overhead sectional garage door has hinged panels that slide between two side rails and fit horizontally and on the ceiling. It is compatible with garages of great widths; it is motorized all the more easily. Finally, it is economical in palace overflowing neither outside nor inside.

1) The advantages: extremely functional, optimum use of space, excellent thermal insulation, immediate reopening in case of obstacles and no external overflow.

2) The disadvantages:  poorly adapted to adding gates for pedestrian access.

  • Lateral discharge :

A sectional garage door with side discharge, also has articulated panels, which slide between two rails; one at the top and one at the bottom. They are lodged on one side of the garage. You can use the full height of the garage and by partially opening the door; you have a pedestrian opening much cheaper than a door.

1) The advantages: use of the garage on all its height, pedestrian access if partial opening, excellent thermal insulation and no external overflow

2) The disadvantages:  need to have a free lateral wall

Sectional Garage Door Anels

  • Double-sided insulated steel panels 40 mm high density polyurethane foam
  • Panel height: 610 or 500 mm
  • Thermal resistance: U = 0.51 W / m 2 K
  • Panel colors: 14 standard colors and more than 180 Ral colors
  • Stucco white interior panel finishes
  • Exterior Panel Finishes (Except High Groove and Grooved Villa Doors):
  • Smooth finish that will bring more modernity to your garage
  • Wood grain finish that allows the door to be less sensitive to scratches
  • Sectional view of a sectional garage door panel:

The guarantees of the garage doors of the manufacturer Diy-Garage-Door-Parts:

  • 5 years warranty (mechanical and waterproof)
  • 5 years warranty on lacquering panels
  • 5 years warranty on the motor and automation
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