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Changing your bedding options? You are probably getting a super soft, comfortable and a huge new mattress now. It goes without saying that your older one would have to be said bye and removed from your home. But, do you know that the main and really tough task is ahead of you in the form of mattress disposal? Yes, getting rid of your old mattress can be double the time and effort that’s actually invested in getting a new one from the store!

What should you do with your old mattress?

You had your share of sweet sleep on your mattress. But now it is the time to make way for a newer one. Perhaps you are probably intimidated seeing its large size and heavyweight and that’s what makes getting rid of it so very difficult! Fret not! We have got the ideas that would help and guide you to deal with your old mattress better.

  • Let Your New Mattress Supplier Take It Away— That is the easiest way to get rid of your old mattress! Your new mattress provider can get it taken away when they come to deliver the new one. Sometimes, they even offer you a discount on your new purchase in exchange for it and it becomes a win-win situation for both of you. So, if you are looking to get rid of your old mattress, ensure you are striking such a deal to make your task easier.
  • Donate Your Old Mattress –Well, you are privileged to own a new mattress. Not all are! Some don’t even have an old one. You can always donate your old one to charitable organizations.
  • Check the Local Landfill — You need to check with the authorities of the local landfill to dispose of your mattress there. This isn’t easily attainable as there are already thousands dumped in the landfills (which is a threat to the State). Disposing and breaking off the mattress is nowhere an easy task. But again, even if you get the permission to do so, carrying the heavy and large mattress and dumping it there is another tough and time-consuming task.
  • Give It for Recycling— Recycling companies are constantly in a search for such goods that will give them leverage. Your mattress includes foam, wood, spring, cotton and so much more that can be further utilised for various tasks. Just call the recycle companies and let them have it for the betterment of the environment.
  • Let the Rubbish Removal Companies Deal With It — You just can’t dump your mattress outside your gate or the corner of a lane or leave it near your dustbin. You will have to inquire and call a company that provides rubbish removal. In Brisbane, The Rubbish Removers work to remove all sorts of dirt and garbage from your house by providing skip bins and collecting them timely. Let them know you have a huge mattress to dispose and inquire if they’ll collect and remove it from your house. They will obviously know the best ways to deal and dump it later.

An old mattress becomes a really painful eyesore after its use. Ensure you are disposing it wisely in order to save trouble for you and others as well! 

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