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Dr. Anosh Ahmed
By DR. ANOSH AHMED, MD 1,686 views

Dr. Anosh Ahmed: His contributions to Medical field and the Society

Health is wealth is a popular saying and that is why we will keep singing the praises of the heroes who ensure we have an optimum health. Doctors are life savers but that is not all. They also help patients minimise pain, treat illness and ensure they enjoy health and life after illnesses. They diagnose, treat and prevent the spread of diseases. They are people we look up when in the most difficult moments of life. People like Dr. Anosh Ahmed. A reputable doctor who has been combining his wealth of knowledge and experience to save and transform lives positively. Not only that, he is a business tycoon, philanthropist, educator, real estate guru and so much more. There is a lot to say about this legend. Read on as the article explores some pages of the life of Anosh Ahmed and his contributions to its society. It’s all packed with knowledge and lessons that will help in the career world and in life. 


Graduated from Windsor University School of Medicine, completed Internal Medicine Residency and Principles and Practices of Clinical Research program, Dr. Anosh Ahmed no doubt has been equipped for this path of saving lives. He has what it takes and the experience having worked in various hospitals including Loretto Hospital where he oversees hundreds of physicians and professionals while attending to thousands of patients across the globe. He provides expert customised care to all patients at every stage in life. His achievements are remarkable as he skyrocketed Loretto hospital’s revenue in no time. Not only where he worked, his achievements are also notable in the society and  garner recognition even among the medical community. He has made huge contributions to the medical field and society at large. It’s not surprising that he gained global recognition and has been spotlighted by Thrive Global and other national publications.


Aside from his contributions to various clinics where he operates, Anosh is also set to open heart to heart clinics. A clinic that has a heart to help the poor, uninsured, undeserved, unheard, refugees and more. This is one clinic that is helping the less privileged navigate through huge medical bill issues by providing high-quality treatment to those who would otherwise not have access to healthcare. The team are working tirelessly, putting in their expertise to provide help to the lost, vulnerable and improve their health. 

Not only that, Dr Anosh Ahmed, MD also owns and operates various clinics  and hospitals across the United States where he is providing top-notch medical services. 


An icon that is sharing his knowledge to people who wants to carve a career in the medical field as well as the masses who have little to no knowledge about health. He shares up-to-date information on health and includes tips on how people can stay at the top of their health game. With the internet world full of medical misinformation, Dr Anosh is leveraging his knowledge to change the platform by providing reliable information that people can trust. His social media platforms  and numerous articles are a testament of his contributions. 


Anosh Ahmed is supporting medical learning across the globe, thanks to the scholarship offered. These scholarships are helping to bridge the the gap in the areas of financial pressures, increasing burden of illness and urgent need for medical experts, and so much more. A great way to give back to the communities that is being served. 

Students who are battling with finances have finally gotten an opportunity to explore the medical field and be of help to the nation. Their professional and academic dreams become a reality as they avail of these scholarships. To win a scholarship, essay application is required where students write reasons why they should be given the scholarship stating their hardship, tragic or catastrophic events. Moreover, a minimum GPA of 3.0 must be provided before one can qualify for the scholarship. Here is some good news for students who love to be in the medical field but are having financial constraints.  


Anosh Ahmed is not only a  renowned doctor, he is also a business mogul building wealth and a prosperous world for himself and those around him. This comes as no surprise as he has entered the business game at the age of 13 where fate led him to fend for his family after the sickness of his father. His work ethic and commitment to excellence makes him climb the success ladder in no time. Before entering fully into the medical field, he owned several renowned restaurants and bars across the country. Now, he is channelling his entrepreneurial mind in the medical line. For instance, there is the Anosh Inc, a leading private equity investment firm that seeks opportunities among healthcare, cannabis, telehealth, and many other companies. The goal is to offer venture capital and help businesses to grow.  He has an MBA and a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Organizational Leadership. His extensive knowledge has greatly reflected in his business success helping to solve some of the challenges in businesses and healthcare. He also a seasoned investor in real estate, and other major hospitality companies

Charity works

From American to Pakistan to other places across the globe, Dr. Anosh Ahmed is transforming lives and changing the world with his immense contribution to the society. The Developments in Literacy is providing education to the less privileged and empowering them to be a better person. There is also American red Cross who are volunteers and donors helping to prevent spread of diseases alleviating human suffering during health emergencies. There are also Islamic services and Catholic charities serving as helping hand to the the physically disabled as well as a voice for the poor and vulnerable. 

Dr. Anosh Ahmed, MD

Dr. Anosh Ahmed is a Doctor and entrepreneur, who also work in healthcare and provided top-quality services for his patients. He would like to continue his hard work to provide support to his community within healthcare

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