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Drywall Problems
By EMMA ALFIE 1,072 views

Patching Up the Drywall Problems –Story of Life

The day started in a very usual and ordinary manner, it was nothing but some amazing idea that we had to invite some people from family and friends over on a Saturday night. I was shocked by the decision made by my wife on a Wednesday morning. She was persistent and me not trying to disturb her, made a great plan to avoid doing much for the party. I actually wanted to enjoy the weekend and this plan was like a catastrophe.

I wanted to convince her about giving up the idea but she was already thinking about the menu and decided to send an email to the guys or make a WhatsApp group in the evening for the invitation. Who wants another group to be added in their lives? I had to make a plan that could save us all from this gathering and we all could enjoy the weekend at our homes. Ahhh! there it was a small hole in the drywall near the entrance, a bigger damaged section in the living room wall. My evil mind had found the best way to evade the catastrophe.

I called Marianne in the state of alarm as she was checking the pantry for the essential items. She ignored me at first as this may be some routine issue like not finding the TV remote of things I usually create a fuss about. However, when my voice reached the intensity of drama, pain and off course loudness, then she appeared in the living area with certain irritability on her face. I instantly jumped to the source of my so-called stress and showed her all the defects in our drywall that I possibly could find at the moment. I urged her to look for more holes and dents which may be in the other parts of the house. I casually and carefully suggested that may it is time to hire the drywall contractors near me instead of planning a party. A part of me felt sorry for her because Marianne looked really sad and this was not my plan to make her feel that way. I tried to lighten things up and told her we can have her favorite Chinese food or the pizza on the weekend at home with a great movie while the Atlanta drywall contractors make our house look perfect again. The party could be planned at another suitable time and we won’t miss a fun day. She cheered up a bit by the image I presented.

Then there came the point when I was trying to find the best and professional drywall near me and it seemed to be a difficult task.  We both found the well-rated services on the internet to select a better option in affordable prices, after all, we had to order a scrumptious meal as well as getting the walls fixed. It was about time that I called the one company we finalized and discuss the matter. The guys on the phone from service for drywall repair in Atlanta were really professional and they sent over a team in an hour to inspect the damages and share a written quote for the contract.

The features that inspired me about them was that they had amazing equipment, expertise and worked speedily. They were also offering insurance and a legal contract for the complete project. The job was finished in such a professional manner that they did not leave even shaving of wood behind when they left my house. We were so impressed and did not want the drywall to get damaged again.

Emma Alfie

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