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Dubai EXPO 2020
By PHILIP WILLIAMS 1,269 views

What is Dubai Expo 2020 and Why is it Important?

The countdown for the Dubai Expo 2020 has ended as the event initiated in October. The city is all prep up to host one of the mega-events of the world. The pavilions designed and built; a myriad of volunteers signed up to take part in this important event.
But many people are still naive and wonder what is expo 2020, why everyone is so gaga over it?

Let’s Know the Whole Story

What Is Happening in the Dubai Expo 2020?

Get ready to encounter some of the most significant cultures of the world from October 20, 2020, to April 2021. The Expo is profitable for the general population as the people will receive thorough and valuable knowledge about cultural diversity existing all over the globe. This six consecutive month celebration has uncountable possibilities for everyone. The importance of the Expo relies on what the businesses and individual are endeavoring through it. It incorporates everything from architecture to innovation, alliances, and enterprise possibilities. The Dubai expo 2020 projects aim to build a significant legacy that would serve future generations locally as well as internationally.

Dubai Expo 2020 is like an enormous supermarket where you can get whatever you desire. The businesses will be digging in significant profits by marketing their products and services to thousands of visitors daily.

Expo 2020 Facts

  • Expo 2020 is the largest event ever happened in the Arab world. The exposition is all set to attract 25 million visitors and 190 participating countries from all across the globe throughout 173 days of the event.
  • The UK is one of the primary attendees planning to demonstrate British “innovation, creativity and leadership” at its shell-shaped pavilion with a poem carved on its 20-meter high facade.
  • The US is presumed to spend around Dhs220m ($60 million) on its place. It will feature a hyperloop ride and modern graphics.
  • Saudi Arabia will possess two football pitches size pavilion. And obviously, the UAE pavilion is the heart of Dubai Expo 2020. Its striking falcon in flight inspired design features exhibition spaces, an auditorium, VIP lounges, and restaurants.
  • Every day a different nation will be highlighted in a cultural exhibition that covers parades and other celebrations.
  • Visitors can enjoy local and global art installations.
  • It’s a milestone project of UAE with billions invested in infrastructure, fittings, materials, accommodation, transportation, and construction.
  • The event opened tens of thousands of job opportunities in various sectors.
  • In honor of the grand event, the city’s Jebel Ali Lehbab Road is renamed to Expo Road.

How Economy Will Reap the Benefits from Dubai Expo 2020 Projects?

Dubai Expo 2020 is an investment that will benefit the UAE in the long run. It is anticipated to offer AED 122.6 billion to the national economy. Also, it’ll encourage small businesses, develop the job market, and foster tech for the coming years. The EY report suggests that the non-quantifiable long-term outcomes are reckoned from Expo like enhanced bilateral trade associations with other nations and an upgraded profile for Dubai on an international scale.

Above 300000, job opportunities will be presented through this event. The tourism sector will also see a significant boom. With 25 million visitors supposed to attend the Expo from all over the world, it will boost Dubai’s hospitality and tourism market to create profits and grow the economy.

Philip Williams

Philip is a freelance writer, with years of experience, creating content for varied online portals. His content is published on many national and international publications.