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eating food

Eating Food Hunger OR Habit?

Everyone loves food, and since we were born we have been eating it. Since we have been eating it for so long our body has programmed itself in this way that most of us eat by habit. Some people eat food 3 times a day some eat 5 some eat 2 times that depends on person to person. There are certain times in a day that our body has programmed itself to eat like we eat when we wake up in the morning, we eat after we come back home after a long day, and in the afternoon too. Here in this article, Evasione Shedir Pharma will talk about whether you are eating because of hunger or habit and everything you need to know about it. 


We talked about how our bodies have programmed themselves to eat at a specific time of the day but there are more factors that trigger our eating habits when we first wake up in the morning we have this feeling of thirst and some dizzy feeling in the stomach. We all misunderstood that like hunger and we eat to get that feeling go away, but according to Evasione Shedir Pharma, most of us don’t know that the feeling that we get is not because of hunger but when we wake up the first thing our body need is water because it is dehydrated and the thing we need to do to get that feeling off your body is to drink a glass of water, not by eating food. Sometimes when we wake up we have trouble focusing on things and people misunderstood this too as hunger but we need water to help to focus on things. These things that we talked about above come into the category of habit that we have been practicing for years and now our body has adapted itself in that way. Whenever we feel dizzy or we have trouble focusing on things we misunderstood that as an issue related to hunger and we eat food to get rid of that feeling. 


Our body needs nutrition on a regular basis and to do any kind of work our body needs energy and we get energy by eating food. There are many factors that make us hungry and it is normal for any human being to feel hungry as our body keeps on doing work throughout the day. And there are certain things that make you feel hungry even when you have eaten a lot of food and meals throughout the day. Our body is designed and programmed in a way that when we are sleeping our body is constantly helping the food to break down and save energy but when we wake up we feel hungry because we need more food to convert it to energy for our body to work throughout the day. But sometimes no matter how much a person eats we are always hungry there are certain factors that play an important role in that. The first on the list is not drinking enough water, water is such an important thing in our life that it is the base for everything. From helping our skin to helping our digestive system, water has the potential to fill us up and reduce appetite which can help in reducing hunger. Water also helps in digesting food that can help the body gain more energy throughout the day. 

Another reason we are eating more and more is because of the absence of protein in our meals. Adding protein can help you control appetite, protein has hunger-reducing properties that may help you consume fewer calories throughout the day, when we consume protein it automatically increases the production of hormones that signal our brain that our body does not need any more food and makes us feel less hungry. Consuming calories can also help us to feel full throughout the day that can also help us in consuming less food. Feeling hungry and eating food is common among human beings but overeating without exercising can be bad not for the digestive system but also for the body as it promotes obesity that can lead to many health-related issues that can be harmful to our body. 


Many people still don’t know whether they are eating out of habit or are really hungry, and there are many factors that affect these two things. You can be eating out of habit because your body is programmed to do so, from the time you are born to this day you have been eating at the same time so that your body is programmed and constantly demand food at the same time. Another factor being is that you eat because you are hungry, in this, there are a lot of things that can decide the amount of hunger you have. People that work out usually have more appetite the more calories they burn in the gym to maintain their physic the more protein they will want. Not having a glass of water before or after the meal has negative effects on the digestive system and helps the person get the nutrients they need each meal. There are many reasons why people tend to indulge in more food. Aside from being addicted to food, many of these can also have negative effects on our bodies and minds. In the above article, Evasione Shedir Pharma talked about whether we eat are eating from habit or hunger and everything you need to know about it.

Evasione Shedir Pharma

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