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eddie stranger things
By AMANDA MILLS 2,276 views

All You Need To Know About Eddie Stranger Things

Are you a die-hard Netflix fan? Do you often binge-watch shows on Netflix? If yes, then you must have heard of Eddie Stranger Things. Created by the Duffer Brothers, It is one of the most popular mystery drama series that has 4 seasons. 

In recent times, this TV series has gained immense popularity among people from all walks of life—teens and adults. There are many factors that contribute to the success of the series, including story, cast, direction, and performance to name a few.

However, one of the main characters that gained immense attraction and love from the audience is Eddie Munson who has been introduced in the 4th season of Stranger Things.

The internet is flooded with one of the main questions, “Who plays Eddie in The Stranger Things?” Well, the famous character of Eddie Munson has been played by none other than Joseph Quinn who is a talented British actor. 

In this blog, we have listed some of the interesting things about Eddie. 

5 Things About Eddie Stranger Things

  • Iconic Personality

Be it Joyce Byers, Jim Hopper, Mike Wheeler, or Eleven, Stranger Things have introduced some of the best characters throughout 4 seasons to engage the audience. However, out of all, Eddie Stranger Things gained immense love and popularity for playing the role of an eccentric Hawkins High School student.

It was a smart move by the Duffer Brothers to introduce Eddie in the fourth season of their horror television series. The character added a new spark into the series that was quite different from other casts. He was totally different in terms of both his looks and personality. From his frizzy hair to ripped jeans, modified jacket sleeves, and handcuff belt buckle, he carried a unique style that made him a fan-favorite character in no time. 

Apart from that, one most important things that made his look, personality, and outfits iconic was his black and skull-patterned bandana in his pocket.

  • A Man With A Big Heart

Another thing that amazed the audience was the growth of Eddie’s character throughout the season. Eddie has been introduced as an eccentric Hawkins High School student who was considered an anomaly by other students. 

In his first scene, he looked like a person with a harsh personality due to which Mike and Dustin were scared to encounter him about Lucas being absent from Hellfire’s campaign. 

One of the main reasons why his friends loved Eddie is that he was a man with a golden heart. One of the strong lessons that we can learn from this character is that heroes can come in any form and from any place.

  • Artistic Person

Eddie was the Dungeon Master of the Hellfire Club. Due to this, he was occupied with a lot of work to prepare every campaign for his buddies and fellow members.

He took his job so seriously that even when his friends Dustin and Mike asked to change the schedule of the next campaign, he reacted dramatically. One of the BTS videos from the set of Stranger Things showed the hard work and effort that Joseph Quinn put into portraying the role of Eddie, depicting his love for the job.

  • Optimistic Person

Eddie was a young teen guy who faced a lot of problems during his days at school. However, he behaved maturely and remained optimistic thinking that 1986 would be his graduation year. 

We all are very aware of the fact that Eddie was a learned and cheerful character who was very talented and competent. Apart from that, he was a quiet creative person and a great storyteller. Despite being gifted with so many talents, his journey in school was full of ups and downs but he stayed motivated and positive.

  • Heroic Death

“Does Eddie die in stranger things?” is one of the most trending questions on the internet. Well, to people’s knowledge, Eddie was disappointed with himself for behaving like a coward when he ran away after the murder of Chrissy. He somehow accepted that he was not brave enough to face problems and that he can never be a hero by any means. 

As the season approached the end, Eddie took a brave decision to follow his inner feeling and he gave a tough fight to Vecna, specifically the Demobats. However, he got injured and succumbed to his injuries. 

Eddie could have survived. However, he wanted to stay and fight for his people. 

Let’s Wrap Up

One of the saddest scenes of the 4rth season is the death of Eddie. The natives of Hawkins were unaware of the real story of Eddie Stranger Things. Despite his huge sacrifice, they always considered him a murderer and a member of a satanic cult. 

We hope that the fifth and final season of Stranger Things could reveal the true story of Eddie and acknowledge his sacrifice.

Amanda Mills

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