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school life
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Reasons Why Students Consider School Life As Best

People have so many memories regarding school days and sometimes we often get some evergreen moments of school times. This is a place where we get a lot of things for the first time and among them, there are many things like our first lessons, our first peer group, our first bitter experience, our first favorite teacher, homework, punishment and so many things which later become a major part of our life. Teachings and learning of a student’s life stay with him or her lifetime. Apart from the academic curriculum, we learn social and moral education also from school which makes us a socially sound and respected personality due to our good behavior and manners with others. School is the first learning destination of our lives where we see and learn the very first lessons of our lives. Almost everyone in his or her childhood thinks of getting older as soon as possible as one gets bored being burdened with assignments and a lot of homework but as the time passes by and one gets older, he or she comes to realize that childhood and school days were the best and later life becomes far more burdened than that of school days. These days school management is focusing on making the teaching-learning experience best for students for which they are adapting tools like fees management software and admission management software so that tutors can focus only on their tutoring instead of getting busy with such other and hectic tasks.

School days are considered the best because in school days we have a lot of friends and peers to share everything like happiness, sadness, homework, assignments and many other things also where we were always surrounded and as the individual grows so he/she becomes alone, far away from those childhood friends who used to get annoyed in a jiffy and used to become friend again the next second.

School days are also best due to some particular reasons as we all must have been very mischievous in our school days but the discipline of school days also makes us a disciplined citizen which benefits our whole life. In school days we get a favorite teacher who not only teaches us discipline, manners, etiquettes but also makes us acquire possible knowledge which is necessary for us to live a balanced and reputed life ahead. Such teachers later with the flow of time become friends also and then they play the role of mentor, our whole life.

School life can be considered the best life because in this particular life we come to understand discipline and get a role models for the rest of our life. There we get a teacher who praises us and appreciates us a lot for our performance and on the other hand, we get a teacher who will definitely insult us come what may and doesn’t matter how far we perform well in the class. This teaches us a very important lesson about two different faces of human nature. We attain so many good memories during our school days like we get so many jolly memories from school tours to different parts of India, so many memories from annual functions, sports days,s and get-together parties of peer groups.

Being educated students not only make a career good and develops a career but also contributes to making society and the nation educated due to which they are able to eradicate poverty from the nation. And that is the reason why students are called the future of the nation. Schools have now broken the boundaries of borders and spread the fragrance of education all over the earth. They are now including new and innovative tools like admission management software and fee management software to improve their work procedure.

Now how the students deal with this failure decides how they are going to deal with such failures in their workplace. In the same way when they get an opportunity in their career where they have to face such a scenario then they will be able to find or survive in such jobs as having experience in student life. It used to hardly matter for the students whether they participate in such activities but just being there used to give goosebumps of happiness.

Those memories are so colorful that if anyone feels down in life then he or she must look back into those beautiful memories of school time and should try to feel himself/herself being there and all of sudden all stress and anxiety vanishes. Whether one accepts it or not, it can happen only in school days that we enjoy life without hesitation and without worries while shaping our future also by doing hard work in our academics. Our school days teach us so many things that if we remember those things then we can never fail in our life further.

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