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deal with stress
By HARRY MILLER 659 views

7 Effective Ways to Deal with Stress

This feeling is familiar to everyone – stress. Our thoughts rush around, we feel anxiety, depression, we become irritable. Minor problems lead us to the edge.

We cannot take control of them. We just don’t want to deal with this life. You need to learn how to overload and work hard to improve your ability to deal with stress. Reading more about health issues with their cure and medication at Hoja will help you a lot with this. In this article, we will share the effective 7 ways which actually work.

7 ways that have proven effective.

1. Determine if your stress is caused by something that you can change

You must be able to determine what causes your stress. Can you somehow influence this situation? Perhaps there is something that you are afraid of? Or did you have a problem that seems unsolvable? Maybe you are too overloaded with tasks at work? Or do you feel that you are stuck in a situation that you just can’t change? Realizing this for sure, you can deal with stress more effectively.

2. Do not make excuses. Act

Do not complain if you are not going to take any action to change your situation. Do not make excuses and do not try to postpone what can help you right now. Do not listen to your inner voice, which is trying to convince you that it makes no sense to try.

Make an action plan. If you are afraid of the unknown, find a way to get the most out of your information. If you’re afraid that you don’t have enough money, find a way to earn more.

Set priorities and be realistic about what you can achieve.

3. If you can’t do anything physically, change your mindset

Sometimes stress is not caused by some external factors. Sometimes the problem is within us. If so, then the only thing that can help you is a change in thinking.

4. Know the real cause of stress

The real cause of stress is not only the events that happen in your life, but also what happens at that moment in your head. Often we blame other people and circumstances for our problems, but the cause of the stress is different. The real source of deal with stress is how we perceive things. Stress comes from your thinking. When you realize this, it will be easier for you to deal with it.

5. Do not try to resist your thoughts and feelings

When you resist what you have, you begin to suffer. If you criticize yourself, struggle with thoughts and feelings, worry about the stress that has arisen, you will only make yourself worse. Stress can be a motivator for positive change. Try to accept the fact that you are under stress. Try to take something useful for yourself, and not resist this feeling.

6. Ask yourself: what am I afraid of?

If you want to find the true source of your stress, find what scares you the most. Stress is a hidden fear. When we are afraid of losing something, stress arises. This is not necessarily the loss of something physical. It can be a loss of security, love, respect, one’s status, freedom, etc.

When you determine what you fear, examine your fear. See how realistic it is. Fear is not a rational response of our brain. Many fears are exaggerated when we are bold enough to look into their eyes.

7. Do not force yourself to think positively

You have probably heard a lot about the good effects of positive thinking. Nevertheless, there are times when it is simply impossible to do this. Trying to think positively can lead to stress. It is not always right to try to transfer your thinking from one extreme to another.

Stress indicates that something requires change. If you try to think positively, ignoring this feeling, you may miss the opportunity for growth.

Final Words

The next time you feel stressed, first try to determine: is the cause of your stress under your control or not? If you can do something physically, then make a plan and take the necessary measures. When you have no control over the cause of stress, remember that the real cause of stress is within you – in your thinking.

Try to accept your feelings, use stress as a motivation. Examine your fears that may be causing stress and break them down.

Harry Miller

My name is Harry Miller, and I am a Web Content specialist, Travel enthusiast and Blogger. I write for many well known blogs and try to present my critical take on the latest socio-cultural trends that dominate the blogosphere. I live in Brazoria, TX.