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Enrico Conti
By ENRICO CONTI 1,078 views

Professional tips for emerging architects

Learning is different from practicing. You must have devoted your time and energy to learning all that it is with architecture. Although you might have experienced some level of tension then, it’s quite on another level when you have to face the real world. Practicing is just one step closer to your destination and that requires more. Are you concerned about where to start? how to start? What organization to join and all? Do not worry because Enrico Conti is here to assist you with professional architectural tips that will boost your career. 

“You need to understand that being an emerging architect, there are no boundaries to how you can enlarge your capacity to do the best. When you place limits on yourself, it will be difficult to beat the hassle on your way to the top, Enrico Conti advises. Hence, you need to broaden your perspective to explore your skills. And you will be surprised how much outstanding work you could come up with when you officially practice and design more. Below are the professional tips that will help you build a successful architecture career

Do not skip the internship

This step is more like your baby step but with time, it becomes firm on the ground. The internship is a professional foundation that you shouldn’t skip. Not only are you learning what it is to work professionally after graduation, but you are also gathering experience and relevant IPD hours. IPD hours are a huge part of your license approval. You can start your internship as early as possible even before you graduate. Commencing your internship while still in college also saves you time in some sense. Not leaving out the fact that it will also boost your academic performance in school.

Create a professional resume

Are you able to work with a team or do you prefer working alone? This is a sheet that represents who you are. In this sheet is your educational background, projects (published or not), strength, experiences, awards and achievements (if any), and many more. From your resume, an employer can judge if you can contribute immensely to the firm. So get your paper ready and dive into creating a professional resume accompanied by your work or project samples. 

Do your research

There are a lot of architectural firms out there but not all are suitable for you. Make sure you take your time to research the top available firms you would like to work in. These days it’s not so common that students get to work officially in the firms they had their internship. Make a list of them, note out their professional features and reputation. Because you’re an emerging professional does not warrant you to settle for less. Target the best and send in your application. Do not forget to add your work sample or project samples too. 

Be committed

No bridge is built in a day. It takes your everyday work and practice to become the best in the game. In professions such as this one, your hard work, continuous learning, and commitment is the way you can beat others to the top. For instance, Enrico Conti, a firm that has been committed to its goal for years. Their goal is to make sure that every homeowner in Australia embraces sustainable and eco-friendly homes. 

Make use of the internet

Technology is your friend. With millions of people having access to the Internet, it’s time to use it to your advantage. In this era, people buy and sell on the internet which means you can also have an office online. Make use of these tools to put your work out there and grow.

Enrico Conti

Enrico Conti is a Green Architect and makes eco-friendly architectural designs in Australia. He have an in-depth understanding of sustainable building materials and green construction methodologies. Whether it is a new home on rural property in Austr