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Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could learn some useful life lessons in a fun and engaging environment? Do you know what would be even better? Learning these lessons in less than 90 minutes. 

Yes, escape rooms allow you to do that exactly. Escape rooms for those unaware are live-action role-playing games that use themes and innovative puzzles to engage participants. Can you learn lessons through escape rooms?  

Escape rooms help you in learning certain soft skills that are quite useful in your everyday life. Why choose escape rooms as a place to learn these soft skills? Well, because escape rooms are easily accessible in a variety of forms and are quite fun. 

The innovative puzzles and immersive nature of these escape rooms help in learning these soft skills in a really enjoyable manner. Other means and methods of learning are not quite fun. Anyhow, if you haven’t visited escape rooms, you should visit one to experience it first-hand. 

Below are 5 lessons that you can learn through escape rooms and apply the same in your everyday life.  

1. Working together is crucial 

We all have heard at one point or other that being a team player is a crucial trait in a mature person. From your professional life to your personal life, working with other people is quite important.  

We live in a society where surviving solely on your efforts is quite difficult. Thus, a lot of schools instill this value in their students from an early age. However, escape rooms are one of the most effective ways to learn this lesson. 

Escape rooms are a team-based activity 

Escape rooms are dependent on participants playing in a group, and it is mandatory in almost all cases that you play with a partner or a group. The reason is simple: you simply won’t be able to get out of the room in 60 minutes without everyone helping you. 

Thus, when in an escape room, participants are encouraged to play together and maintain their coordination. You cannot singlehandedly be a winner in an escape room, and you will learn that your whole group needs to escape to win.   

This is a lesson that you will find yourself using a lot in your everyday life as well. Working with others is always advisable. 

2. Patience is a Virtue 

Most people since their childhood have been told to control their anger and to not let it control them. This is a crucial lesson. Being patient when under pressure and against all odds is a great skill and virtue. 

Escape rooms are pressure situations 

One of the key features of an escape room is the fact you only have limited time to escape it. Within that stipulated time, you have to solve the puzzles, riddles and find hidden objects. It can be a pretty stressful environment for people not used to such pressure. 

However, since you are in a room filled with people(s), it is in the best interest of everyone that a person should remain calm and composed. Not only does it help in communicating properly, but it also helps you think logically. 

Getting angry and losing your calm is not at all advisable in real-life situations as well. Being a patient, composed, and calm person is something you have to learn and adapt to. 

3. You learn how to Communicate 

A lot of people suffer from communication problems. This fear or inability to communicate properly is something that we develop as kids. If we do not learn as children to do so properly, it is really difficult to learn it as adults. 

However, one interesting and engaging way to do so is through escape rooms. We already know that escape rooms require teamwork and patience. But one other thing that is required from you is the ability to communicate properly. 

It is indeed important to learn when to say, how to say, and how much to say. These things can change the mood and outcome of your entire group in an escape room. 

Similarly, in real life, communication is one of the primary soft skills that a lot of people use to become successful. Escape rooms help you in learning this essential soft skill in a fun way.   

4. You get to learn logical and creative skills 

The primary reason why a lot of escape rooms require the above-mentioned skill is that they are filled with riddles, puzzles, and clever mechanisms, and these things require you to think logically and creatively.  

To find the best possible solution to a problem in the minimum time, it is important to think out of the box as well as logically. While most problems in an escape room have a simple answer, you still need to figure out that answer. 

Escape rooms thus have become a popular spot for adults and children to develop and maintain their ability to think. That’s right, and escape rooms can help you in thinking better. You need mental exercises like these to keep your brain healthy and fit as well. 

These skills are important in your life to figure out the solution to a lot of complex and difficult problems that arise in your everyday life.  

5. Having Fun and being positive is a key lesson 

Most of us remember our School days for the fun we had. Rarely does a person say that learning in school was fun? As a result of this, most people fail to register their learnings.  Escape rooms are unique and exciting in that respect. 

No one is trying to force this learning on you, and you will not be learning these things specifically. Escape rooms are built in a way to support your fun with learnings.  

If you fail to have fun, you are bound to be bored. Go in an escape room feeling positive, and you will see the difference in your approach. A lot of newbies suffer from keeping a negative attitude after they fail in their first few attempts.  

This is not how you should approach an escape room, neither should you approach your everyday life with this attitude.  


The primary reason for you to be learning these amazing 5 lessons from an escape room is that you are not actively being taught these things. In the course of having fun, you passively learn and adapt these things.   

As you play and participate in more and more escape room games, you will see yourself adapting and using these lessons actively in your daily life. This makes escape rooms one of the best ways to learn and have fun. 

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