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Include Activity-Based Learning into Kindergarten Syllabus to Enable Fun Learning

With each passing day, global learning is transforming into digital and active learning for kids. School teaching is not confined to the traditional barriers of classroom sessions only. There has been a continuous rise in online education trends and active learning syllabus for students to enjoy learning.

Not just for secondary and primary students, but also for kindergarten kids as well, learning is becoming more of a fun-loving activity.

More and more schools are inclined towards the rising trend of activity-based learning included in the kindergarten syllabus & curriculum. It means, learning is not the only part of the school world but growing small kids emotionally, creatively, and socially is further important.

The active learning syllabus, activities, and curriculum help small kids to strengthen their creative abilities. Also, it helps to enhance the decision-making skills that start to evolve at a later age.

Not just this only, there is more to find out. So, here, in this blog, we will be looking more at activity-based learning for kindergarten kids. Why is it important for tender learners? Key benefits of the interactive curriculum. And, most importantly, some examples of activity-based learning for pre-primary students.

So, without any further adieu, let’s get started on this.

What is Activity-Based Learning at Kindergarten Level?

Activity-based learning is all about including meaningful activities in the kindergarten curriculum. There can be several fun doings and active things that students are asked to perform to enhance learning creativity.

At such a tender age, pre-primary kids have innocent minds to accept everything that is offered to them. So, let them understand the meaning and significance of every learning, certain activities are involved to let them learn while playing.

Such kind of learning framework does not just involve writing notes and understanding what is verbally transmitting. Especially, during the current age of online learning, when pre-primary kids are not even aware of traditional learning settings. Involving certain learning activities are important to let them mentally and physically fit and confident for the time ahead.

Why is Activity-Based Learning Important for Pre Primary Students?

There are several reasons mentioned here that state the fact that active learning is more than just important for kindergarten kids.

* Promotes Self-Sufficiency:

When activities are involved, children are always curious and eager to participate in a full playful mood. Similarly that, interactive based-learning sessions arouse the inner active self of pre-primary kids who are always on their toes. Now, generating such activities at an early stage prepare the kids to remain active in all surrounding. It further develops a habit for them to carry forward ahead.

* Maximum Involvement:

Being in a playful mood, every small kid likes to participate, perform, and enjoy. Thus, integrating subject-wise learning with the way of quizzes, puzzles, and other activities receive maximum participation. As a result, children tend to learn fast without any hassle.

* Hone the Social Skills:

Some of the learning activities require children to form a team with friends and actively participate in the same. It leads to team-building efforts at such a tender age that involves building trust, confidence, and teamwork. Moreover, they involve more with active communication and gestures to accept things.

Key Benefits of Activity-Based Learning & Syllabus –

* Memorize Information Fast

By implementing the syllabus and learnings based on activities, you encourage kids to become physically & mentally involved. It tends small kids to learn more effectively and memorize things better. Ultimately, they can gather better knowledge through playing games and quizzes along with learning at the same time.

* Remain Independent & Inquisitive

Activity-based teaching helps kindergarten kids to become a little bit self-sufficient. It encourages the kids to learn things to make efforts and become inquisitive ahead. There will be a self-directed approach implemented in kids to do things like maintaining cleanliness, sit quietly, listen to the teacher, and more.

* Understand the Relevance of Educational Material

By involving activities in kindergarten learning, kids tend to understand the relevance of learning and playing material. It encourages them to solve things better and organize efficiently.

* Express Themselves Better

Encouraging the creative level of small kids is one part of activity-based learning. The other part is letting them be expressive and vocal. By involving in fun-loving activities, they better express their views, participation, and active involvement. All of this helps to make them presentable.

Top Examples to Look At –

There are certain examples of some active learning things to include in the pre-primary curriculum.

  • Force & Mars
  • Floating Ice
  • Leaf Structure
  • Colour Based
  • Memory Retention
  • Social Skills
  • Expressive Activities


Handle kindergarten children with better care and responsibility. Transmit the learnings through active teaching methods including games, puzzles, quizzes, and more. A plethora of teachings and activities are involved in the curriculum published by the leading book publishers in India that can be best referred to. Thus, implement such changes to make learning more interesting and intuitive.

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