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Ewan Mitchell
By GRACIE HART 504 views

Rising Star – Ewan Mitchell on the Path to Stardom

British actor, model, and social media star Ewan Mitchell was born on March 12, 2002. His career took off after he appeared in the TV series House of the Dragon. The Last Kingdom, World on Fire, High Life, and many more have brought him greater renown, though. To date, he has been working professionally for about seven years. Read on to know more about this man – his birthday, height, resume, net worth, girlfriend, family, ethnicity, parents, siblings, nationality, religion, movies, and much more.

Ewan Mitchell- Biography

Ewan Mitchell celebrates his birthday on March 12 every year. He was born into a British family in England. His astrological sign is Pisces, and his moniker is Ewan. His secondary education was finished at a local private school in his hometown. However, it seems that he did not complete any higher education at a university.

Both his nationality and ethnicity are English. However, he did not reveal anything about his parents or siblings in the public forum. We could not find out much about his family members on social media, as Ewan does not have a presence there. He has never been married and currently has no partner. As far as we can tell, he has had at least one previous romantic relationship, as can be seen from his dating history.

Age, Height, and other Personal Details of Ewan Mitchell

Ewan Mitchell is currently 23 years old and saw the light of day in the year 2002. He is 175 centimeters tall and weighs 78 kilograms (171 LBS). Ewan’s hair and eyes have a striking dark blond hue. A size 10 shoe fits him perfectly (US).


Ewan Mitchell began his career as an actor in 2015, making his acting debut with the short film “Stereotype” that year. He had only entered his adolescent years at the time. He made his second appearance in the short film Fire that same year, as Jack.

In the 2017 season of The Halcyon, he made his debut on television. In all, he made an appearance in 6 of the 8 episodes when he played Billy Taylor. He also portrayed Osferth in the television series The Last Kingdom. Although the show premiered in 2015, he only appeared in the second season and remained a member of the cast until its end.

He also appeared in the films Just Charlie and Doctors, as well as the television series Grantchester. He only made an appearance in one episode of these two television programs and had a minor part. Tom Bennett was the character he played in the 2019 television series World on Fire.

House of the Dragon – His Leap to Instant Fame

His most recent television appearance was in the much-awaited show House of the Dragon. His star power rose thanks to his portrayal as Prince Aemond Targaryen. His appearance on this show introduced him to a wide audience for the first time. Nevertheless, his outstanding acting performance in this series won over tens of thousands of viewers. He is the second son of King Viserys and Alicent Hightower in the series.

In the following years, he will star in the top shows on TV, and his fame will grow bigger and bigger. He will soon be seen in the short film Stable.

Net Worth of Ewan Mitchell

Ewan Mitchell is currently valued at $500,000 dollars. He makes the most of his money from acting roles in films and TV series. He uses acting as his full-time major and makes a decent living doing it. His pay hasn’t been great thus far, but after impressing in the Dragon’s Den, he’ll be inundated with offers of substantial compensation. Furthermore, he may be supported monetarily by other means. However, he has not been transparent about his financial situation.


  • Unlike many celebrities, Ewan Mitchell is not active on Instagram or any other social media.
  • His page on the Internet Movie Database lists 14 separate performances by him.
  • He has a penchant for checking out new places all around the world.
  • He does not have any tattoos on his body.
  • He has his page on Wikipedia.
  • HBO, Peacock, Amazon, the BBC, and more are just some of the prestigious production firms he has collaborated with.
  • He has a contract with Independent Talent Group, a London-based talent agency for actors.
  • His interests include reading, taking pictures, studying, exploring the world, and using the internet.
  • Pizza and burgers are among his favorite meals.
  • Blue is one of his favorite hues.
Gracie Hart

Freelance Writer, Digital Marketer, and Content Writer