The pandemic has influenced the world of fashion and beauty more than you think. It seems like people realized how comfortable they were working in sweatpants, not worrying about hair and makeup. They started looking for low-maintenance hairstyles and makeup tricks to look great without putting too much effort into it. 

Since most of the beauty salons had been in lockdown, it was impossible to get a brow appointment and have your brows styled by a professional. Eyebrows styles have also been affected and this year something else is popular. Let’s see what eyebrow trend you can rock this year. 

Fluffy Brows

People decided to let their brows just grow, embraced their fluffiness, and shaped them to look as rich as possible. The biggest trend this year includes big, brushed-up brows, where every hair is lifted with the brow gel. 

For those who want more permanent results, brow lamination is a great choice. It is a form of a brow perm – brows are lifted and stay that way for up to 6 weeks. This treatment is great for people who don’t have ample brow hair because the effect makes your brows look fuller even though they have some gaps. 

Natural brows 

Undone ‘lived-in’ brows were something nobody wanted a few years ago, but this year it will make you the coolest person in the room. No matter what your brows look like, leave them that way and don’t exaggerate with makeup – add just a little bit of it for a fresh, youthful look. Pluck the extra hairs and you are good to go. 

Microbladed Brows 

If you are not blessed with full, fluffy brows, and you are looking for ways to add extra volume and texture, permanent makeup is the thing to turn to for help. Microblading is currently the most popular brow treatment. It includes tattooing additional hair strokes that look exactly the same as your natural brow hair. Your brows will get extra density and look defined, which can improve your look as well as your self-esteem to a great extent. What is best about this treatment is that it lasts for 2-3 years!

Ombre Brows

Another super popular treatment is ombre brows. These are great for people who like having that makeup look. An ombre brow tattoo is done with a machine that makes tiny dots in the skin and fills them with pigment, creating a soft powder gradient effect with the head of the brow light and natural and blends into a darker, more defined tail. They are also semi-permanent which means that after getting the treatment, you are set with awesome brows for months, even years!

Glitter Brows

Perfect for parties and festivals, which are slowly returning to normal. To achieve a fun look, color your brows by dipping a clear mascara in glitter in a bright color such as purple or blue. Glitter brows are the latest Instagram trend and a great opportunity to try something new and fun. 

Thin Brows

This trend seems to be coming back, and people are not sure what they think about it. One of the most popular models nowadays, Bella Hadid, embraced the trend of thin brows and made a lot of women think about doing their brows the same way.

This trend is a little bit tricky and not for everyone, and there is always a risk of overplucking. Thin brows of 2021 don’t look as cheap as brows at the beginning of the 2000s. These are a little bit fuller and thicker. If you are afraid you will over pluck your brows, the best option is to visit a brow stylist to do your brows properly. 

Straight Brows

Straight brows, with low-to-no arch, are usually achieved by shaving the tail. They are said to have the effect of lifting the whole face. Also, straight brows can make your eyes look bigger and brighter. If you want to be super trendy, go for this brow style. However, be careful with shaping the tail, and if you can’t do that, visit a brow stylist to reshape your eyebrows. 

It seems like eyebrows were not treated as a very important part of a person’s face in the past until makeup artists realized how much they can do. They can soften some features, draw attention to the eyes, make the face look younger and more open. When bolder brows came into fashion a few years ago, the makeup industry started developing numerous products devoted to brows. So, naturally, now you have many options to style your brows in the trendiest way possible. 

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Claire Norton
Claire Norton
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