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There are many social media platforms for each of the social media marketers in the market to use for their brand. But you may just note that apart from Facebook another very important social media platform is Instagram. Now, most of the population has shifted from Facebook to Instagram hence you need to know what exactly attracts people to Instagram. The most interesting and common feature of Instagram that everyone must know is the Instagram post edit. Everyone must be aware of how that can be done because this is what makes Instagram as popular as Facebook.

Now coming back to Facebook, as we have already mentioned that more than 1.4 billion people use Facebook regularly. No matter whatever new social media applications arrive, Facebook and craze for Facebook will always remain the same.

Here we will give you some reasons which will prove that no matter what Facebook is the best social media application.

Things to Know Why Facebook is Most Popular Social Media

Here are the pointers about things that you should know about why Facebook is the most popular social media. We hope this will help your new small business to reach out to the most number of the target audience.

Most Popular Social Network

As we mentioned right above that Facebook has a population of 1.4 billion people and interestingly almost 900 million people are using Facebook currently on a regular basis. If you are a new start-up or have a very small business then now only you can start to make your brand presence on Facebook immensely without investing a single penny. You can connect to one of the people and tag him so that the people in his friend list finds you. By now one all are aware of how to tag someone on Facebook and your post will be circulated more.

Reaches All Across the World

Whatever may be your target group or wherever may be your audience, Facebook helps you to reach out to all of them without any demographic boundary. Sitting from the US you can easily connect to your TG in the UK, Emirates, Australia, Asia, etc. Location is never the boundary if you choose Facebook for the promotion of your brand.

People Glue to Facebook

People are so and so interested in Facebook that they remain glued to Facebook for an average of 40 minutes. This is a huge part of daily time and imagine that if in 40 minutes your brand presence is seen at least once then how much would it help you by making people aware of your brand.  Facebook not only overpowers the social media platform but also has no signs of slowing down in recent years. Almost everyone is there on Facebook these days.

Advertise or Not

You have both the options of advertising or not depending on your wish. Of course, advertising is costly but if you wish to make it cost-effective then you can just make posts on social media and wait for a simple boost all by itself without any promotion.


I think we have given you enough easy tricks about how to use Facebook and what are the things that make Facebook famous. If you like this post then please comment.

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