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failed background check
By MICHELLE CARTER 4,164 views

The Truth About Failed Background Check You Need To Know

A job applicant can have a failed background check as a result of many things. Some applicants have more problems than others, which have affected their job applications.

As an employer, doing background checks on your applicants helps you make better-informed decisions. You must also follow the employment guidelines to ensure fairness.

Types of Background Checks We have:

Failed Background Check

Screening job applicants give you, your workers, and your company protection from future problems. These problems may occur in the workplace and affect everybody.

As stated earlier, applicants have a failed background check for reasons like:

  • Criminal Records
  • Poor credit records
  • Bad driving records
  • Fake references
  • False working experience
  • False educational background
  • Drug or substance abuse

An applicant might have all the job requirements listed in your company. That does not mean you should exclude him from background checks. You might be surprised that that perfect candidate can fail his background checks. When this happens, it is up to you and the decision-makers to conclude. You may decide to give him the job or reject him.

If you decide to employ him, which means you understood the reason why he failed the background check. In the long run, you might not regret hiring him.

Fast Background Check

What is meant by a fast background check? A fast background check is a check that is done instantly with a fast result. That is, the screening is done and completed within three days or a week at most.

This check is done for applicants looking for work in industries like:

  • The retail industry
  • Transport industry and so on.

There are so many companies that conduct fast background checks for their customers.

If the fast background check comes with a clear result, that means the applicant has passed the check. To know where to do a fast background check, consult a screening firm near you.

Advantages of Fast Background Check

There are lots of benefits attached to a fast background check.

They are:

  • It is quicker and easier to do than a slow background check.
  • Fast Digital Access to Record
  • Setting it up is easy and it is cheap to maintain.
  • Reliable customer service assistance.
  • Background Checks are accurately done.
  • Follow background checks rules and regulations.
  • Emergency service support.

Target Background Check (Job Applicant Screening)

While a company has many workers, its employment process is a thorough one. All applicants are subjected to a Target background check to verify their details and criminal records. Target background checks go through the applicants’ employment histories, educational backgrounds, and many more.

The company does a thorough check from local, state, and federal levels. Whatever the applicants did on local, state, or federal levels will be documented. These documents are then given to prospective employers or screening agents.

The company hires an employee screening firm to do these checks for them. They will pay for these background screenings for their applicants. This money won’t be removed from the applicants’ first salaries if they are employed.

How far does the target background check go? It depends on the individual and the circumstances. The check can go back as far as four years or ten years ago.

Premarital Background Check

What is a premarital background check? A premarital background check is done on two people who want to get married to each other. It is carried out before the couple gets married. It is done by finding the personal, financial, and work details of the person being investigated.

Why is it necessary? A premarital background check is important because it can prevent divorce after marriage. A lot of divorces have been recorded in the US. This is partly due to false information given by one party before marriage. Some spouses hide things from their partners and reveal them after marriage. If the partners have investigated each other before marriage, they will know these secrets. There have been cases of spouses that are legally married yet plan to get married to another woman.

When you check the background of your partner, you will know if he/she has a deep secret from you. You can also know whether he/she is truthful towards you. That means your partner has a failed background check result. The background encompasses information that can be publicly disclosed according to the law. It will also be determined by what the client wants.

Criminal Background Check

A criminal background check is a well-detailed investigation done on an individual to know if he/she has a criminal record. A company that does a criminal background check on its employees can have peace and security. The workplace would be full of workers who trust and understand each other. The company will also have a good reputation in the industry.

A criminal background check helps the company in risk assessment in the hiring process. This type of investigation is different from normal background screening. Normal background screening shows histories like education, work experience, etc. Whereas, criminal background check focuses only on the criminal history of the individual.

Screening firms that do background checks look for information about the investigated individuals. If the background check is a failed one, the result will show the criminal records of the individuals.

Criminal background checks are done to reveal criminal offenses like:

  • Rape
  • Robbery or theft
  • Embezzlement
  • Misdemeanors
  • Assault or battery
  • Murder
  • Impersonations and many more.

If charges are dismissed do you have a criminal record?

What happens if charges are dismissed, do you have a criminal record? The answer to this question is yes. If you had criminal charges but were dismissed, the criminal records will still be there. When this happens, any background checks done on you will reveal these records. External parties can even view them. That means if you apply for a job, you’ll undergo a criminal background check. Unfortunately, your result will be a failed background check.

However, to prevent this from happening, you can seal or expunge the records.

Dismissal of charges means the records are permanently there unless you do the above-mentioned process. It doesn’t matter if you became a law-abiding citizen after the dismissal.

Therefore, you need to be proactive and do something about it legally.

Furthermore, consult a legal rep to know whether removal or expunction is the best for you.

In Conclusion

A failed criminal background check doesn’t mean the applicant won’t get the job. It depends on the organization and the circumstances.

Michelle Carter

Working as a Marketing Advisor for a legal firm, assist them with marketing planning, ads, direct marketing, and campaigns. Design marketing materials such as brochures and advertisements.