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health insurance plans
By JOE MAILLET 475 views

Cover Your Family’s Health Effectively with these 5 Simple Steps

There are numerous reasons why health issues arise. Some factors include the harsh environment, family medical history, and more importantly, a hectic lifestyle involving unhealthy diet habits, and stress. Besides, we face raised health risks amidst the pandemic. Given these facts, it has become necessary that we take the best possible effort to protect our families. Getting health insurance is crucial; but, what is even more important is to choose the right health coverage that adequately secures our finances against rising medical inflation. You will find many options for health insurance plans for family online. Before you proceed and buy a health plan, you must assess whether it is the correct choice for your family’s insurance needs.

This article explains the steps that every individual must follow before picking any family health insurance policy.

Ensure your Coverage Amount is High

A comprehensive family health insurance cover is the best among the various types of health insurance plans. It will cover you and your loved ones in a single policy, and the sum insured can be shared by different insured members up to the maximum limit. Choosing a higher sum insured is highly recommended as it will give your family complete protection against the rise in expenses due to medical emergencies. If you compare carefully, you can find the best policy, which will provide maximum coverage at an affordable premium.

Opt for Health Insurance that Covers COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the uncertainties and health risks. In such a precarious situation, one should take the best health safety measures that include opting for health insurance with COVID-19 cover. So, when comparing different health insurance plans for family, do not forget to check if you can avail coverage for coronavirus treatment after completing a minimum waiting period.

Check the Waiting Period in the Policy

A waiting period refers to a predefined period you should complete before being eligible for any medical treatment cover. Pre-existing diseases are covered in a family health insurance plan, usually after a 48-month wait period. It is better to check various policies and opt for the one that has minimum waiting so that you need not to wait or face any delay in accessing timely medical treatment.

Look for Important Features in the Policy

Health insurance covers your hospitalization expenses involving room rent, ambulance, ICU charges, doctor’s fee, etc. Additionally, you get coverage for pre-and-post hospitalization medical costs, and advanced day care surgeries & treatments. However, to ensure your family is insured effectively, check if the health plan includes annual health check-ups, and cover for alternative treatment and maternity expenses.

Check the Lifelong Renewability Feature

With lifelong renewability, you can get continuous coverage in the same family health insurance policy without looking for another policy in the future. So, this factor is an important one when you are comparing various health policies from different insurers.


Every member of your family may have different healthcare needs. Hence, it is necessary to choose the right health insurance plan to get sufficient coverage against any unforeseen medical expenses. If you have older parents at home, choose a separate senior citizen health cover instead of including them in a family floater plan. Care Health Insurance is among the trusted health insurers, which provides customized health insurance plans for families. You can also review other health plans, estimate the premium using a premium calculator, and get the best policy online!

Joe Maillet

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