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injury lawyer
By AMANDA MILLS 282 views

Top 5 Reasons Why an Injury Lawyer Won’t Take Your Case

Injury lawyers understand that legal fees can be expensive, so they often turn away cases they know they won’t win. Preference sometimes goes to families seeking compensation after a death in the family. Even so, sometimes, an injury lawyer might not want to take your case.

Here are Five primary reasons which can facilitate such an occurrence.

  1. There Doesn’t Seem to be a Loss to Recover

Certain types of injuries are difficult to prove to a jury. If you feel you can show that your pain and suffering are due to another party’s negligence, your lawyer will likely take the case. However, if it seems like no harm has been done, then there is probably no recovery for damages. In this scenario, your lawyer may suggest you seek out a professional counselor instead. Proper assessment of the case is essential because cases that appear to be a waste of time can soon lead to further legal fees and court fees. Therefore, a lawyer might choose not to get involved in a case where there is no possibility of gaining compensation for the situation.

  1. It’s Too Complicated to be Litigated

An injury lawyer should know that a case will undoubtedly be complicated. Sometimes, they might even choose not to proceed with your case because they believe they are not up to the task of handling your matter. This can be an excellent result for both parties involved if it means no one is hurt in the long run. Non-injury lawyers are always happy to take on a more tricky matter and ensure no one goes without justice!

These complications can prove to be lengthy, time-consuming, and stressful. In some cases, even an injury lawyer might have to refer someone else who can help them with the case. If you’re wondering if your injury case is too complicated to handle and no one is interested in taking it on because of these complications. Choosing the right personal injury attorney is demanding, and it is advisable to look for a lawyer who is well versed in all the litigation structures.

  1. Bad Faith Insurance Companies

One issue that many people fail to understand is that the insurance company for the party for that you are seeking compensation may not want to settle your case. The reason is simple: insurance companies earn more money when they pay out smaller amounts. You should also be sure to note that if your injury lawyer appears to be showing bad faith, plenty of other attorneys out there would never choose to treat their clients with good faith and respect.

  1. Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations is another reason why a lawyer might turn you away. No lawyer will take your case if you are trying to file a case after your statute of limitation is expired. The statute of limitation is the period where you are eligible to apply for a personal injury case. This limitation will vary from state to state. It is crucial to file a case before your statute of limitation expires. Statute of limitations may seem like unfair treatment, but it is extremely hard to find shreds of evidence for a car accident after two years. Hence, the rule.

  1. Uninsured Defendant

Another reason a lawyer may turn your case away is they think the defendant cannot pay the compensation amount. Sometimes, you might have a case that will result in a big payout. In that case, if the defendant is uninsured, they must pay the compensation amount out of their pocket. If the lawyer thinks that the defendant won’t be able to payout the compensation amount they won’t take the case. Because personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, the lawyer will only get paid if you get the compensation amount.

Finding the right attorney for your personal injury is essential. Finding the right personal injury attorney in your city can ensure that your claim is taken care of and you are treated fairly. It will also help ensure that anyone else who might be involved in the case has confidence in their lawyer as well. If you’re dealing with a lawyer who is not treating you with respect, there’s no reason to continue dealing with them.

Although, one lawyer turning away your case is not the end of the world. Be sure to get multiple opinions before giving up. Sometimes the lawyer might be wrong about your case. Even the experts can miss sometimes. Consult with the most reputed law firm in your city and work your way down. But remember, if your statute of limitations is expired, you don’t have a case. It is not required to get more opinions. Some lawyers will take your case because they care about the community. Find a lawyer who is concerned about society to take low-profile cases.

Amanda Mills

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