Windows are the gateways for the inspirational ideas for décor and interior design. It’s important how you treat your window. Windows are the show stoppers and purely functional plus decorative. They add balance to the home just the way you want in a non-nerdy manner.

When moods strikes, make plans to add drapes to add the texture and color to the place, with lots of ideas to share, let’s decide on the top 5 flattering ideas to make your windows appear cooler;

  1. Sheer white curtains

The classy and simplified approach is to add white on white. To keep the décor light and breezy white sheer curtains are one of the coolest choices especially for a small place. This will help to look at the room airier and gives the perfect summer beach house vibes.

  1. Rattan blinds

These blinds do not block the light all the way; it keeps the natural hue in the living space while giving some privacy at the same time. Rattan blinds are well suited for the southern side of the country and it blends with nature and gives some medium of privacy too.

You can add this as an accessory for small bathroom windows and spice up the detail with it and a colored tile theme.

  1. Multi- hues

Mute colors were a recent trend at the end of 2019 when the featured colors were published in Home Digest. The sheepskin throws on the couch matches perfectly with multi-shades draping over the window with help of Drapery Installation San Mateo CA, to make your place look playful and cozy.

To add the fun factor, place a rocking chair near the window.

  1. Dramatic curtains

Did you know a kitchen can have an added personality of a dramatic color not only for cupboards or shelf tops but on the windows too?

How does a moody red sound to you? if you have a full-size window on one side, the bright colored curtain will give the kitchen a spiced up personality. You can add dramatic colored curtains in your study room too for a more dignified sense!

  1. Roman blinds

Roman blinds have been popular in the market since 2015. Often installed for offices are good for use in your bedroom and living room too. Roman shades give an authentic vibe to the room and to the window too. With plain white walls, add a touch of green or blue roman shades, which can be self-print or customized.

It’s your choice. Several drape installation services that offer Best Custom Made Drapery San Mateo CA can guide you on which type of drapes to install that will perfectly match with your room’s interior.

Final thoughts

You can never stop obsessing over the drapes, curtains, or blinds. If you often find yourself in vintage stores or stumble upon reading about which types of colors to assort through, you can always find professional help with the best custom made drapery!

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