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Foamex printing
By JENNIFER SMITH 2,872 views

Is Foamex suited for Estate Agent Boards?

Shapes estate agent boards are a popular medium of advertisement and information sharing with potential customers. Estate agents have many houses and locations that they are working on to sell. But this information needs to be interpreted to the potential customers. The best way to do this is by putting up estate agent boards. 

You must have noticed the estate agent boards outside a house or an estate agent’s office. These estate agent boards or estate agent slips have information like the address of the place, the features, the contact of the estate agent who has taken the place under himself. These boards are usually to advertise the sale or for rent availability of the apartment or the building. For this reason, these boards need to be strong. They also need to be big enough to carry all the important information. 

Shaped estate agent boards are usually made out of correx boards or foamex boards. There is not much difference between them. Both these options are quite perfect and suitable for building something like estate agent boards because they are strong and durable, which is one of the most important things to be for an estate agent board. 

Estate agent boards

Estate agent boards are always placed outdoor in the harsh weather so they have to take any kind of weather outside. Sometimes heavy rains, snow fall, or harsh sunlight, these boards need to stand tall and the print needs to be perfect as well. For this purpose, using a foamex board printing making estate agent boards is really suitable. Foamex boards are known to stand any kind of weather. They are durable, strong, and long-lasting so they can easily withstand any kind of weird weather. Foamex boards are mainly available in three different thicknesses: 3mm foamex, 5mm foamex, and 10mm foamex. For long term and outdoor usage, 5mm foamex and 10mm foamex are very popular. For short term usage, 3mm foamex is very popular. 5mm foamex is one of the most popular and preferred thicknesses for any kind of board or sign. It is the perfect average thickness which makes it more favourable. 

Give any shape

Another reason why foamex is so popular among businesses is because it can be easily given any shape that you want. Usually, materials are quite rigid and they cannot be turned into a kind of shape of your choice. But with foamex board, you get a choice to give it a shape of your preference or requirement, which is an amazing feature and what makes foamex so popular. 

High resolution printing

It allows high-resolution digital printing. Not a lot of materials have the capacity for any kind of high-resolution digital printing. But foamex is very different. It can be used along with UV stable inks, which means that even out in the sun, nothing will happen to the ink or the print.

Attached to any surface

One more interesting feature of foamex is that it is really easy to be nailed, screwed, or to stick to any kind of surface. It is absolutely no issue at all to attach foamex to any kind of surface which makes it easy to use and apply in so many different positions and locations. Estate agents require something that can be put up in different locations depending on the estate they are selling. For this purpose, it is important that they use foamex as a primary material for the base.

Long term and short term

Foamex is suitable for both short-term and long-term use. Even though a lot of people only use it for outdoor purposes, foamex can be easily used indoors as well. If the features of foamex can be benefitted in outdoor printing and board, then there are many indoor solutions that can also make good use of foamex for sure. 

Correx board signs

Correx board signs are also pretty strong. They are durable and weatherproof. Corrugated plastic material is one of the perfect materials and is suited really well for outdoor temporary signage. Correx boards are very much suitable for site boards, outdoor signage, estate agent signs, building boards, etc. Correx boards are known to be simple and effective. The UV stable inks used on the correx boards will make sure that the print remains the same even when it is placed outside in the heat. They are lightweight yet very strong. Businesses and individuals often use them for general short term usage and mostly outdoors, even though these boards can be used for indoor purposes as well. There is a variety of thicknesses that is available with a correx board printing


Foamex board is definitely suited really well for creating shaped estate agent boards. Thanks to the amazing features of a foamex board like weatherproof, durable, three different thicknesses, good base for printing, flexible, can be given any shape easily. Foamex is definitely a good option for estate agent board printing. 

Jennifer Smith

As a digital marketing consultant at Board Printing Company in the UK, Jennifer Smith helps increase their brand visibility, reputation and business success. At regular intervals, she keeps contributing her valuable knowledge to blogging sites.

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