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ubereats clone script
By JOE MAILLET 1,505 views

Set up your food delivery brand with a white-labeled UberEats clone app

Setting up a food delivery venture in the on-demand market is now easy. If you are a business owner, you can opt for the white-labeled UberEats clone app solution. You can get in touch with any one of the experienced app development companies in the market and get your app developed. In this article, we will completely discuss the most important benefits of a clone app for your business, services offered in the app package, and an overall view of the online food delivery solution. 

Advantages of an online food delivery solution:

Providing food delivery services via an online platform has several benefits, as listed below:

Customized and white-labeled solution:

The clone app solution is completely customizable in accordance with your business needs. You just have to state your requirements to the team you choose, and the rest will be taken care of. You can also choose a perfect business model and personalize your app based on the model. 

Another leverage is that the app is white-labeled, and so you will find it easy to market your brand in the on-demand food delivery industry. Your brand name and logo will be placed anywhere in the app. Since it is a ready-made app solution, it can be white-labeled quickly. 

High customer satisfaction:

An online app is sure to provide more customer satisfaction and assure you to retain customers effortlessly. No customer will turn away without availing your service and so they will refer the app to their friends and family. You will be able to gain a large customer base with your food delivery app. 

Cost-effective solution:

The food delivery app will be affordable when compared to an app developed from scratch. It costs 75% less than an app built from the ground up. You can include any number of features in the app based on the list of needs you have. The investment on the app will be less, but your ROI will be higher than expected, provided you offer high-quality service to all your customers. 

Easy expansions:

An online food delivery app will help you develop your business in a short time as you can concentrate on the areas that need improvement, and you will be able to cater easily to your customers’ needs. Consistent improvisations will help you scale up your business effortlessly. You can expand the list of registered restaurants, regions you serve, and more.

Secure solutions:

Another basic advantage of building an app for your venture is that customers will start pouring in when they get to know the level of security the app offers. You have to develop an app based on the standard set of security protocols. 

Service 24×7:

It is a guaranteed aspect that, with an online app for your venture, you can provide food delivery services to your users at any time required. You can run a 24-hour functioning platform that will deliver food at customers’ doorsteps in no time. 

Technical assistance – round the clock: 

One of the major beneficial factors of the app is that you can offer technical and maintenance support whenever needed. User queries and concerns can be resolved easily by the dedicated support team. 

What does the UberEats clone app package consist of?

ubereats clone app

The food delivery app package will comprise the following major panels and respective options:

Customer app:

Customers/users will be able to sign up with the app and place food delivery requests via the app. They can pay for the orders via any one of the payment gateways available in the app. They can also rate and review the food delivery service. 

Admin dashboard:

The admin can log in easily to the powerful dashboard, manage and monitor the entire business efficiently.they will have access to all data, cut-down commissions, manage prices, and more. 

Delivery executive app:

Delivery executives can register with the app and complete their verification process by uploading a few necessary documents to the app. After approval from the admin, they can start to accept or reject food delivery requests. They will receive their earnings after the commission has been cut down by the admin, and they can also rate users via the app. 

Restaurant owner app:

Restaurant or food outlet owners can sign up with the app and register their restaurant successfully. They can also upload their menu to the app and update other details such as availability of a food item, its price, quantity, price, etc. Restaurant owners will also have access to the live location of delivery executive, user details, and more. 

Wrapping up!

Launching your food delivery venture with an optimized platform will help you develop your business in a jiffy. It will also act as a marketing tool and help you establish your brand to a wider audience. Hire an experienced team of developers to launch an app for your venture

Joe Maillet

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