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Animal Lover Taunton

Animal Lover and Founder of Bow Wow Production

What you hear or read is not always complete truth. Sometimes news made by the people or rivals, especially when you are a public figure. The same situation has been faced by Stephanie Taunton the founder of Bow Wow production or Hesperia Zoo.

She has been serving in the industry for many years, and taking care of animals is her long term passion. Today she is a certified dog trainer and trained numerous animals to perform in films, events, and even for photography projects.

Stephanie Taunton, Bow Wow Production

Untold Story

Most people may not know that her Hesperia Zoo is popular with various names, including cinema safari zoo. Also, everybody knows that Stephanie Taunton – certified dog trainer rents out her animals for various events under the name of Bow Wow Productions. Sometimes what we hear is not the complete truth. For instance, you may have heard that in the year 2006, tiger tried to escape from its cage in Hesperia Zoo. And it happened because of the carelessness of an employee. However, in reality, the team of Hesperia Zoo is very careful, when it comes to the protection of animals.

Hesperia Zoo not only entertains kids and families by organizing various events where animals perform but also train animals without exploiting them. They consider all care and precautions that come under the Animal Welfare Act while training animals to learn and perform.

Life is Not perfect for anyone. Every success brings new challenges. For instance, Taunton has faced many false allegations from USDA and other rivals.  However, she faced every situation calmly and fight for justice. People often forget that a wrong allegation or misunderstanding can ruin someone career, reputation, but in the end, truth always wins.

Today, Hesperia Zoo and Bow Wow production have many clients. In recent years, they have successfully scheduled many events and tours. Plus, their followers and clients have been increasing on a continuous basis. Whether you want to feed a tiger or want the elephant to perform on your kid’s birthday event, everything is possible at Hesperia Zoo. Even if you need pooch for casting in your film, nothing could be better than approaching Bow Wow Production.

Many big banners photographers and film productions collaborated with Bow Wow Production for trained animals for their projects. They never believed in those allegations they heard or read about Taunton. And why should they believe such rumors when they are getting amazing service from the reputed brand – Bow Wow Production. You can explore about on Stephanie Taunton Facebook page.

Final Words

Today, Stephanie Taunton is free from all charges and allegations. She is successfully running Her Hesperia Zoo and Bow Wow Production. If you are also an animal lover and seeking pets for shows or events, you can explore her sites. Also, You can explore Taunton social media pages, including Facebook.

Stephanie Taunton

Stephanie Taunton has been professionally training dogs for over 20 years, she is an accredited California State certified dog trainer. This title is held by only a few trained professionals and is an unprecedented training program that certifies her to train multi-fascinated working dogs.

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