Islam clearly states that there is only one God and we are all his children, so when we die he will take us to heaven and will fulfill our life with his presence. In the Islamic tradition, the four Ka’ba (or buildings) are important places in paradise and they symbolize the four stages of paradise. The first stage is called Al-Fitr; this is the stage of physical life, the second stage is called Dharam, which is when you are saved from physical death, the third stage is named Misha, and finally, the last stage, named Kahara, which is when you are taken to judgment and punished.

Mecca is a place of great significance and it was the location of the Ka’ba when Allah created man. The Ka is built in the center of the city and has a dome above it. During Hajj, a group of people would gather at the Ka’s waiting for the day of Ramadan to begin.

During the night of the festival of Ramadan, a group of people would gather outside of the mosque and perform several activities. They would call out to Muhammad (SAW) to guide them, practice their worship, and offer their prayers. Once, during the night of Ramadan, a caravan came to Medina from Mecca to take over the region. This caravan was headed by a mite from Mecca.

When the caravan came to Medina, they installed their idols in the Kaaba. This was to guard against the forces of evil. Mecca is also a place of great significance for the Muslims; it is the location of the two mosques that are mosques; the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW), and his cousin Ali (SAW), are buried. The Quran is also written in Arabic, the language of the Quraysh people. Mecca is a paradise and people will spend their whole life here. When we die, we will go straight to paradise.

The second subject on which the Quran is extolled is Hajj or traveling to Mecca. It is believed that Hajj is the best of all life pleasures. People will be given gifts, 4 qul surah material favors, and privileges, all of which will enhance their life. After their Hajj, they will return to earth as a different person. We are not certain as to when this world is going to end but we are certain that it will not be a common last day.

The third subject on which the Quran is extolled is the Hajs or the religious observances. These are special ways of life that will guarantee a person a reward after their life here on earth is over. They include the avoidance of things that will take away wealth, the avoidance of excess drink alcohol, and the avoidance of unnecessary fights. There are specific times throughout the year that these special activities take place.

The fourth topic that the tasbih is extolled is the topic of patience. This is perhaps the most difficult part of life to follow and it requires great patience and a strong sense of destiny. The reward that awaits us is the promise of Paradise and an extremely tranquil mind and spirit.

The above topics are just a few of the many in which the Quran talks about. It is important that we learn how to properly recite the Quran so that we can enter into a blissful existence. The Ka is a place of pilgrimage where many scholars gather to recite from the Quran. If you are serious about studying Islam and learning its principles then you must find a scholar of the language who lives in your area and has easy access to the internet. You must also make sure that you master the recitation of the Quran so that you are able to lead a holy life after death.

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