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Prayer Mats
By JOE MAILLET 1,349 views

Islamic Prayer Mats Islamic Gift in uk

A prayer mat or prayer rug is usually a flat piece of textile, sometimes even a carpet, used during prayer by Muslims and some Christians. In Islam, it laid on the floor or between the prayer chair and the floor for hygienic purposes. In Christianity, it is laid on the floor or between the prayer chair and the lectern for the same purpose. The most common type is the flat prayer mat which is commonly used in houses of worship or Muslim homes.

The fabric used to make an Islamic Prayer Mat is usually old cotton or wool polyester. It has to be sewed by hand by the family or by an individual with sufficient expertise in doing so. Some Muslims use prayer mats made of wool called Qadha mats while some others prefer to use polyester ones. The sole reason for choosing an Islamic one is to ensure a clean surface during prayer when compared with a carpet or ordinary mat that absorbs dirt easily. The main advantage of using an Islamic prayer mat is that it provides a prayer space that is free of debris and dust particles. Prayer mats are also considered an important and indispensable part of the Islamic faith and practice. It is believed by Islam that the prayer mat helps provide a place of peace and solitude where the Muslim can concentrate on his prayers without any distractions. It is considered disrespectful if a person sits on a dirty surface during prayers. It is therefore disrespectful to sit on a dirty surface during prayer. Hence, Muslim women often keep their mat neat and clean at all times.

During the early days, Muslim women used to buy and use pre-packaged prayer mats that were imported from Turkey and thus came to be known as the “halal mats.” But these types of pre-packaged Prayer Mats soon gave way to a more convenient method called “taamis,” or small squares of rubber that can be used to worship Allah in a comfortable way. These types of mats are not only available in retail stores but also in online stores catering to the needs of Muslim consumers. The traditional Islamic prayer mat is available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, styles, materials, and designs. Today, it is available in almost any design or size that one could imagine. This has helped to bring about a completely new trend in the world of Muslim fashion.

For instance, the Prayer Mats in Uk can be designed and printed in accordance with one’s own preferences. The colors, patterns, designs, images, and pictures can all be incorporated to make an individual Islamic rug unique and unlike any other rug. Also, these products come with the name and face of the imam of the mosque, as well as the name and picture of the saint that is honored by the Islamic community. Some carpets have holy verse imprinted on them. These prayer rugs are a good option for those who want to show their love and respect to their fellows and worshipers in the Islamic community. Another type of prayer rug is the one that has an image of the prophet Muhammad (SAW) on it. This type of product is very popular among worshipers because this is considered to be a symbol of spirituality and religious beliefs to the Islamic people. Also available are prayer rugs that include a depiction of the Ka’ba, the most famous Taj Mahal in the world.

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