A lot of graduate and postgraduate students pursued their courses from all over the world universities in a year. Students take the courses very seriously; it is the main reason that they do academic work as assignment formats. An assignment compiles all the details of any specific project or report. The first page of the assessment is essential, and that is why the front page should be made at the last part of writing. Mostly, the design of the front page is made up in ‘MS Word’ but nowadays ‘Canva’ or ‘Piccard’ or any designing software is used in making. It must be attractive and at the same time, it must follow the format prescribed by the university concerned. The first page must include the following information.

  • Assignment Name and ID
  • University Name with logo
  • Student name and ID and roll no
  • Submission date
  • Word count
  • Department name

There will be a certain font format, and style allocated for the front-page texts. There will be a border, and it will also follow some design of borders. No page numbers are allocated with this page. Margins should be there 1.5 to 2 inches of minimum margins should be allocated to the left side. The top or right or bottom side margin will be just 1 inch precise. All caps and centered on the first line beneath the top margin.

 “How to write an assignment first page”, revolves around a few techniques that can make the assignment not only good but also creative. Few examples are here as follows:

Assignment front page Examples


The research paper comprises all data and information. A research paper is written by the researchers to mention the discussions on the research topic, a statement, or a thesis. Researchers’ findings support those opinions, and sometimes the probable solution to a problem. The researcher’s name, as well as a research topic and the instructors’ name, are mentioned on the first assignment title page. General details should also be there.


A dissertation is a thesis structuring by a student of any organization to give a complete analysis and discussion of a certain topic. The first page of the document contains the dissertation title, student name, concerned department name, the institution of concerning dissertation, course or study program, and submission date with often word counts. It also includes the student number and ID, sometimes the supervisor’s or the professor’s or guide’s or instructor’s name, and the university logo.


A lab report consists of every single piece of data and the results of a laboratory experiment. The cover page needs to have the name of the department, a heading mentioning the topic, student or laboratory trainee details like- semester year, details of lab instructor, lab details including instruments details, and specifications as well the tables and calculations needed for the results.


A complete analysis of social, economic, political, entertainment, so on topics, and in-depth assessment. If someone is writing this case study in a group on a topic, then the teammates’ names should be included in the assignment format. 


An essay is a common write-up for any assignment of an institution or university. Formatting and styling are the same for the essay. The cover page is not a mandatory part of every essay. APA styled papers often grant for a cover page. But even when a student is required to write in APA mentioned in his assignment from the instructor, the cover page is always obligatory. Running heads will be there in APA-style front pages. MLA or Harvard, or Chicago format have their own choices for the front page. Chicago format is similar to MLA format, and these are not even followed by institutions or universities nowadays.


A report always cited the academic assignment example of a student or trainee. It reflects every single characterization of the student detailing of a topic or thesis. Report front page consists of details just like every write upfront page. Content page design formats are shown below.

Assignment Format Example

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