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GPS Tracker
By JOE MAILLET 2,146 views

Control Fuel Consumption and Prevent Fuel Thefts with GPS Tracker

The vehicle tracking system works like a portable device that allows fleet managers, parents and car owners to keep tracking and information about their cars. With GPS tracker people generally track their cars in real-time. You can locate your car with the help of a GPS tracker. You can actually see where your car exactly at and where it is going and its speed. Car GPS tracking devices also helps you to control your valuable assets with some special feature. It not only controls the fleet but also monitors every activity of your vehicle. From Fuel monitoring to fuel efficiency, battery status, engine condition, running time, servicing requirement notification, etc can be done by modern vehicle tracking devices.

Why fuel monitoring necessary?

  • GPS tracker not only takes care of your car, it always gives some extra benefits to its users.
  • GPS trackers can bring a number of significant benefits to the management and driving of the car.
  • Most of the benefits are related to efficient fuel costs and driving with effective service.
  • Fuel efficiency tracking
  • Modular design for ease of maintenance
  • Variety of fueling process methods, including keypads and proximity cards
  • Communication with tank monitors and gauges
  • Enhanced customized & dynamic software.
  • Over-speed Alert sets speed limit for any vehicle with GPS to run and if any over speeding or any violation happens it will be notified through alerts in the software.
  • Geo-fence violation alert facility. If your vehicle crosses those areas or enters it, you will be notified by a push message or short message.
  • Tracking on real-time location which identifies the vehicle’s position using the mobile app (Android & IOS), web & SMS
  • Real-time transaction tracking at fuel terminals
  • Fuel measurements and controls

Basic vehicle monitoring (BVM) Functions

  • Empty tank and re-order level alerts
  • Engine hours reporting
  • Fuel theft reporting
  • False invoicing detection
  • Re-fueling monitoring
  • Real-time fuel consumption monitoring from anywhere
  • All features listed in the AFM solutions
  • Flowmeter sensor benefits.

How GPS Tracker can assure fuel monitoring?

A GPS tracker in the car will always help you to find your car and you can easily get all the necessary information about the car in real-time information. The vehicle tracking device always stays active even if it has no battery connection in it. So, wherever your car might go, or whoever drives it, you will always know via the internet in your phone or laptop that where it towards, what speed it is driving, and other related information and fuel alert or information. Generally, fuel information is related to fuel consumption last refill time, mileage, fuel consumption history, fuel pumping problem alert, etc.

Basically, there is a sensor in the fuel pump, which is connected to the software. Now, when the fuel pumps to the engine the sensor becomes active and takes note of the amount of fuel that went to the engine with the help of software.


Generally, fuel monitoring facilities come with modern devices which is not that expensive now a day. Fuel monitoring is especially needed for fleet management companies. When there are a large number of vehicles and they are always on run by other persons, it is very important to keep tracking the fuel consumption and fuel efficiency and fuel cost of the fleets.

Meanwhile, it is also very important to ensure that the fuel costs and consumptions are not way too high than usual consumptions. To check this information, it is very important to monitor fuel consumption which can be done only well by GPS system vehicles.  Gasoline fees are always growing up and there are some more troubles dealing with gas thieves at petrol stations.

So there is no potential option apart fuel monitoring for trucks, fleet management or cars. Fuel gadgets basically monitor and measure fuel by using the flow sensor. Internet of Things (IoT) is a notion and a paradigm that considers pervasive presence in the surroundings of a range of matters that via wireless and wired Especially addressing schemes are capable enough to cooperate with different matters to create new applications and to attain to goals frequently.

A world where the digital are converging to create a smart circumstance and environments like energy, transport, cities and many other areas extra intelligent. The intention of the Internet of Things is to enable things to be connected anytime, anyplace, with anything and all of us ideally using any path/network and any service.

Joe Maillet

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