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full body exercises

4 Full Body Exercises for Best Results

Staying healthy and fit is not a choice, rather it is a necessity. For the individual, it is necessary to take care of mind, body, and soul. And it is only possible if you choose exercises over laziness, and healthy diet over junk food. When we talk about exercises, it is important to consider full body exercises as it helps your complete body to stay fit and healthy.

Let’s explore few good full body exercises with the gym fitness expert Gavin Manerowski.

1.  Push up Planks Jumps

Push up Planks Jumps full body exercise

According to Gavin Manerowski, push-up planks jump makes your regular push-ups more interesting and at the same time increase your heart rate. To perform this exercise, place your body in a push-up position on the floor by keeping your shoulders directly over your hands. Now tighten your abs, and thighs, then slightly bend down so that your chest touches the floor. Then push back up, and jump your feet toward your hands. After this, you need to Jump back to the starting push-up position. Basically, that’s one repetition!

2. Squat Tuck jump Combo

The squat tuck jump combo is a full-body exercise that will immediately make your legs burn in. All you need to do is, take a standing position with your legs hip-width apart and place your toes slightly outward. Squat down as low as it is possible for you, then jump upward as you bring your knees toward your chest. Go back in a squat position and repeat immediately. Basically, that’s one repetition!

3. Burpees

burpees full body exercise

According to fitness experts including Gavin Manerowski, the burpee is one of those exercises that most people have love and hate relationship with. By doing Burpee you will get a full body workout in a few minutes, and increase heart rate. However, to do this exercise one need a focus and intensity. To perform this exercise, stand in a straight position, squat down, put your hands on the ground, push your legs out behind you, then pull the legs back up into a squat position. After this, stand and jump as you move your arms overhead.

4. Speed Skater Lunges – Best Full Body Exercise

Speed skater lunges are one of the best exercises when it comes to full body exercises. It makes you sweat in a matter of minutes. And if you think they’re only a leg exercise — you’ll be surprised, once you start getting results from this exercise.

To perform this exercise, you need to stand in a side lunge position while keeping one leg bent in a parallel position to the floor and the other one straight to the side. Now jump up with full enthusiasm as you switch legs. Now you have to bend your leg that is previously straight and straight your leg to the other side that is previously bent. Ensure you keep your core tight and maintain the posture as low as possible as you switch.

Final Words

So, these few good full body exercises suggested by gym fitness expert Gavin Manerowski that can make your body in shape will keep you fit and energetic every day. If you have any full body exercise on your mind, please do share with us.

Gavin Manerowski

The world has much to offer and Gavin Manerowski is one person who knows just how interesting and exciting travel can be. But it is not all paradise – from deforestation to endangered species, many regions are suffering as a result of human activity. Raising awareness of such issues is very important, both locally and on a wider scale, and this is something that Gavin is working to achieve.