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Sound System to Hire
By KRYSTA JAKSON 1,137 views

Why Funktion-One is the Best Sound System to Hire

Funktion-One is a British audio equipment manufacturer based in Dorking, Surrey. It was created over 20 years ago, by designers Tony Andrews and John Newsham, following their success with the company ‘Turbosound’, which was founded in 1978. They made a name for themselves with revolutionary designs such as the TMS-3 and Floodlight systems. The intentional misspelling of ‘Funktion’ by using a ‘k’ is a nod to the music that the pair began building themselves a future listening to – funk.

The Evolutions Of Funktion-One

Today, Funktion-One manufacture sound systems for use at concerts, festivals and anyone else who wishes to use this top-of-the-range equipment. They remain the first choice for many touring and permanent applications, including their first-ever installation, the Millennium Dome in London and the Volgograd Arena World Cup Stadium in Russia. One of their more recent projects was the 2017 Glastonbury festival, where they installed their Ambisonics system for the Glade stage.

There are many reasons that people choose Funktion-One over other sound systems, and here are a few of them:

Technology Is Innovative And Evolves With The Times

The Funktion-One range of equipment is continually evolving – you can opt to use their newest products, like the BR Bass range or an older, more proven system, such as the Resolution series. The company has teams continually innovating to improve their products and provide better experiences for its user. Just a few of the items on offer include speakers, amplifiers, microphones, mixers, lights, and even staging.

Products For All Purposes

Funktion-One have a diverse selection of products, meaning you can hire them for a large music festival, or just for a house party. They provide the perfect tool for every situation and work well to enhance your music experience – as long as you know what you’re looking for.

You Can Hire Funktion-One Equipment From Reputable Companies

You do not need to fit your own equipment because it is possible to use a company that provides the service of installing each system. This ensures the safety of you and those around you and allows the equipment to be used to the best of its ability. Bespoke designs provide maximum flexibility, and the process is always thoroughly planned through consultations with reputable sound hire firms.

Reputation And Quality

Funktion-One has established many of the principles that are now viewed as the industry standard. Their designs have been imitated and used globally in the audio community but have never been outperformed. The quality they provide is evidenced by the many notable projects that they have successfully completed. Not only has Funktion-One equipment been used at the Millennium Dome and the Volgograd Stadium but also popular nightclubs such as Cielo, which, if you’re not already aware, is all the way in New York, USA. Other examples include Berghain, in Berlin, Germany (one of the company’s largest club installations), and Space, a high capacity club in Ibiza that is widely recognised as the ‘Best Club in the World’.

As you can see from the above, the Funktion-One influence spreads worldwide, and largely for the benefits named above. As an audio company that began small in the UK, to have a worldwide presence with influencers and music bigwigs alike, Funktion-One is certainly doing something right, and thousands of concert-goers, musicians and industry names will attest to this.

If you’re looking to hire Funktion-One equipment for your own use, then to get the best out of it, choose a reputable hire company that knows how to give you the best set up for your needs – and then you’ll truly reap the benefits.

Krysta Jakson

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