Photography has been around for decades and it’s just getting better. One thing that has prospered photography is the advancement of technology. With technology, cameras have become modernized, pictures are more colorful and super clear. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re taking a shoot for professional reasons, personal reasons, practice, or it could even be for fun. Always endeavor to know that location matters a lot in a picture. Taking garden pictures may seem simple but even as simple as it sounds, a lot of people still don’t find their outcome as beautiful as they imagined. There are tips for you to follow to get the best garden pictures. Mayur rele can show you some tricks you can use to get that picture perfect image that you desire. 


When it comes to photography, whether you are using an advanced camera or a good camera phone, light is the foundation for photography. Without light or poor lighting, your pictures won’t come out well. Since it’s a garden photo, the natural light plays a very vital role. Seize the brightness of the early morning sun or afternoon sun to click a beautiful piece. The best way to make use of natural light is when the sun isn’t too harsh or gone down so that it doesn’t wipe away the colors you need in the background and shadowed images respectively. 


Mayur rele talks about flexibility because, from experience, shooting time should be enjoyed. Yes, you have to keep some specific rules in mind but at the same time, be flexible with the subject and the background. As a photographer, you should be able to create something beautiful out of any scene. Pre-planning your photo shoot session is awesome but when you get to the location sometimes, you might be inspired to create another magic with what you have on the ground. Probably things didn’t turn out to be all prepared as you thought, you can still make something artistic out of what you have. 

Composition and arrangement

Have you ever seen some pictures and it looks like a lot of things are going on in one moment and you can’t pinpoint the exact message of the picture? This tip helps you understand that everything in the picture should pass a message across to all eyes that see it. Adjust the background if it’s too distracting. Is the subject catchy to the eyes? Is there anything that isn’t needed in the picture? Is everything in the right position? All of these and more should be considered properly. 


It is good that you have clicked beautiful pictures but your skills aren’t limited to clicking mind blowing pictures. Mayur rele advises that your seat back and study the pictures. What can you adjust? Which ones do you want to work on? After you’ve decided take a relaxing seat and put your retouching skills to work. Adjust, remove, or add one or two things to have a perfect piece of photo. 

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Mayur Rele
Mayur Rele
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