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Top 4 Gemstones That Men Can Consider For Jewelry

Whether its men or women, the gemstones are admired and loved by both the genders. Since ages, they have the quality to charm the men of their times. The gemstones are not only admired by people for their beauty, but they also consider it important in rituals and weddings.

Whether it’s an engagement ring or wedding band, jewelry with sparkling gems always fetches the attention of everyone.

So, let’s explore a few best gemstones that men can consider for jewelry with a Gemologist, Peter Wilson.

1. Emerald Gemstones 

emerald gemstones

The emerald gemstones are the birthstone for May born, it symbolizes perfect beauty and strength. According to an expert Gemologist Peter Wilson, its deep green color symbolizes love and warmth. Emerald engagement rings charmed the women and men alike for centuries. It improves fertility and maintains eternal youth. When it comes to its value factor it is quite higher. And why not? The deeper color of Emerald fetches higher value as it increases the charm and beauty of the ring and the person who is wearing it.

2. Ruby Gemstones

ruby gemstones

Ruby represents passion, emotion, and love, there is no other stone as effective as ruby when it comes symbolizing these traits. Needless to say, this precious gem has attracted men since ancient time. Back in time, during the period of ancient culture, wearing ruby stone bestows good fortune on its owner. While buying mesmerizing rubies, its mesmerizing color is something that you can’t ignore. Rubies available in many different colors from purplish red to deep orange-red. The brightest color fetches the higher value price as it directs a full red color spectrum symbolizes richness and elegance.

3. Yellow Sapphire

yellow sapphire

The unique and artistic appealing of a yellow sapphire ring is hard to ignore. This powerful gemstones are popular around the world for its astonishing metaphysical properties. In almost every culture, people consider it as a symbol of prosperity and wisdom. According to Peter Wilson, versatility and appealing beauty of this gemstone catch the imagination of both the genders.

Since ancient times, this jewelry stone admired by kings and noblemen. At present, it has grown in popularity as it is affordable as compare to extremely expensive yellow diamonds. If we consider the quality factors, the price of yellow sapphire or pukhraj stone generally varies from one store to another. Although Ceylonese stones are particularly rare, deeper hues of the yellow sapphire gemstone also available at a higher price in the market.

4. Blue Sapphire

blue sapphire

If you notice the violet-blue color of sapphires, you will get flatter. Blue sapphire has always been the most desirable gemstone ever known to men. It signifies trust, honesty, and loyalty. Due to this reason, blue sapphires are everlastingly loved for engagement rings. This gemstone actually symbolizes the component of commitment in a long-lasting relationship. Whether you want to buy a blue sapphire ring, a bracelet, or a pendant, there is a wide range of marvelous designs for every man. When it comes to the price of sapphire, it depends on various factors including color saturation, deep blue hue, and clarity.

Final Thoughts

According to Peter Wilson, exquisite gemstones are desirable to both men and women for their perfect charm and aura. So, if you are looking for the most authentic gems, explore the designs, color, and price before the final purchase. Whatever gemstone you choose, ensure it resonates with your personality and style.

Peter Wilson Gemologist

Peter Wilson is a certified Gemologist at Howard's Jewelry Center in Cleveland. His main task is to carefully examine gems and stones and make their value and authenticity.