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geometric wall paint
By AMANDA MILLS 510 views

7 Attractive Geometric Wall Paint Ideas for Your Next Interior Renovation

Geometry is an archetype of the world’s beautiful aspects. That’s what Johannes Kepler once narrated. And to enliven your house’s most beautiful elements, geometric wall designs might be a safe investment.

These days, almost all homeowners consider vibrant shapes and hues to break the stereotypical design rules and introduce eye-catching components. If that sounds so like you, it is time to explore your artistic senses.

Geometric wall paint is a rewarding interior decorative paint design concept often used for decorating a creative wall. If you want to make one wall stand out, it’s time to think of a geometry accent wall. With it, you can create balance, bring a personal touch to your space, and, most importantly, add visual interest.

Add a perfect touch of creativity to your house by introducing a geometric wall. Amidst your journey of finding the right color, taking measurements, and painting, we have outlined the top seven fan-favorite geometric walls paint ideas. Find out which one suits your taste and preference for designing a geometric accent wall paint from below:

Outlining the 7 Rewarding Geometric Wall Paint Ideas That Bring to Perfection

1. Navy Blue & White

Do you call yourself a perfectionist who keeps the space clean and tidy? If yes, this combination describes your personality. A wall that combines navy blue and white geometric structures adds a new dimension to the space.

Besides, it introduces an artistic appeal and creates a unique impact. It’s a beautiful combination representing purity, cleanliness, and simplicity. Navy blue evokes trust and stability too.

2. Grey and Teal Colours in Triangular Shapes

Considering the geometric wall paints, the triangle is a popular shape. So, a unique amalgamation of grey and team shades in a triangular design will complement your room’s aesthetics. This design is a great addition to your living area.

Blended with interesting elements and an artistic feel, such a wall goes great in the living area and small corners. Also, if you want to combine abstract geometric style with these hues, opting for the triangular shape is excellent. What becomes more eye-catching is a combination of accent lights.

Focus the light on specified areas on the wall and highlight the triangles. For instance, torchère lamps may go great with these walls.

3. Random Geometric Shapes with Ash and Brown

So, you don’t prefer those bright hues for walls. Thus, you may opt for a shabbier version instead. Why don’t you opt for random geometric shapes with brown and light ash colors?

With geometrical structures, even shabby hues cannot go unnoticed. In fact, a combination of light ash or white and brown would uplift the overall ambiance of the space. Random geometrical shapes comprise different angles and sides of varied sizes and lengths. It offers a character to the overall space.

4. Shades of Blue or a Combination Hue in Geometric Patterns

How about implementing a design with straight lines at various angles and painting each of them with different shades of blue? A blue color scheme with different shades will go great in this type of design. Plus, the color combination also blends excellently. Abstract geometric patterns would go great with blue shades.

Not planning to use different shades of blue in this type of design? You may consider selecting colors that blend with blue instead. So, which hues go great with blue? A picture-perfect combination of colors like silver, beige, emerald, cherry red, rust brown, and black would fit in amazingly.

5. Pastel Yellow and Mint Green

Enlivening your bedroom interiors with natural elements might be amazing. And the foundation step is to select a fresh color pallet. Right hues in the bedroom area unify the ambiance and bring out the liveliness. Want to brighten up the space? It’s time to consider adding a geometric wall to your bedroom.

Choose the right wall and paint it pastel yellow & mint green. Besides adding a simplistic look, such an accent wall creates a calming and inviting atmosphere. No matter the geometric structure, this color combination offers a simplistic look.

6. A Scandinavian Style Geometric Wall Design

You may have a soft corner for a Scandinavian-style interior design. That’s what made you renovate your house with such a design philosophy. So, now that your house already features a Scandinavian-style decoration concept, painting your walls with such a design makes your interiors more vibrant.

As a homeowner who gives importance to intricate design elements, it’s time to paint your wall with mountain-styled geometric lines. The best hues that complicate the design are dark grey and white. Install an accent light if you want to highlight a particular wall area. You can also add Scandinavian lighting to create a focal point on nature-inspired sculptural pieces. This design suits best for your living space or prayer room too.

But if you plan to introduce this design to your prayer room, ensure not to use a dark grey hue. Instead, opt for lighter shades of blue or sea green.

7. Diagonal Geometric Lines Bordered with Black

Want to embrace simplistic designs? It’s time to consider something that blends with other design elements of your room. Suppose you want to build a grey living room. You have included grey sofa sets, tables, carpets, and side tables. But if you do not consider the right paint colors, all your efforts to design a grey drawing area become unsuccessful.

Don’t go wrong while choosing the wall colors and designs. If you wish to choose a geometric design for this room, how about diagonal geometric lines bordered with black? Indeed, it’s a gorgeous design. An epitome of sophistication, this type of wall can be an ideal choice for your modern living space. Also, if you have a soft corner for monochromatic interiors, this accent wall geometric wall paint is your perfect bet.

A Final Note

Geometric wall paint is a rewarding interior designing concept often used for decorating a creative wall. If you want to make one wall stand out, it’s time to think of a geometry accent wall. With it, you can create balance, bring a personal touch to your space, and, most importantly, add visual interest.

Choose a color combination that fits your style and create an out-of-the-box look. Not sure which colors flaunt your personal space? It’s time to consult a painter today to transform your home.

Amanda Mills

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