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content marketing strategy
By MARC MAZURE 504 views

Getting Started With Content Marketing

Content marketing is the strategical marketing approach of making and distributing relevant, valuable, and consistent content to draw in and produce more audience – with the intent of driving profitable consumer action.

In other words, rather than of pitching your services and/or products, you are instead delivering relevant information which makes your customers more intelligent. The purpose of this content strategy is the belief that if business owners continually provide valuable information to their buyers, they would ultimately reward the business with their loyalty. In which, they would keep coming back for more.

How to get started in content marketing

Simply put, here are the key elements to every prosperous content marketing strategy or plan

  1. An ideal mission statement
  2. A deep understanding of your objectives and goals

These key elements are crucial, not only because they help you determine what content you should be making, but also because they are great basis through which you can analyse content projects and understand if there’s something you should not be doing.

Understanding your objectives and goals

Content needs to support at least one core business or marketing goal. Consider the ways you would like a planned piece of content to help the growth of your business. For example:

  • Do you need to build up your email list?
  • Do you need to raise awareness for your brand?
  • Do you need to retain customers and/or increase their purchases?
  • Do you need to convert your online audience to paying customers?

Be sure to continually ask yourself this question, “Will this project support our business and marketing goals?” If you find that the content you have planned out will not reinforce those goals, then chances are that it should not be a priority as of the moment.

Content Marketing

Creating and following a mission statement

A mission statement outlines a company’s reason for existing, as well as the perspectives and priorities it upholds in pursuit of the said mission statement. Also, it should include these specific components for any successful marketing endeavour:

The audience target: The sort of individuals you can help most with your planned content

What will be delivered to the audience: The kind of information you will render your content

The sought after outcome: Things your audience will be able to accomplish once they have utilized your content

Moreover, your audience should not just be “everyone”, be as particular as possible and get to know your target audience.

It is also worth mentioning that you have to make sure that everyone on your team understands what your mission and goals are, so you will all be working toward the same outcomes. Planning and launching a successful content marketing for your web design London is never an easy task, it only grows and gets easier as you and your team work hand in hand.

Marc Mazure

Marc Mazure is head of a team of highly skilled web designers, developers and online marketers at MLA web design London. Executing the highest standards in design, development & e-commerce solutions that are tailored to consumers’ needs. With years of experience in web design & online marketing, Marc offers a multitude of services with the very highest standards and principles.