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Studying Abroad
By LARREN SMITH 184 views

Good Reasons for Studying Abroad

“Why not study abroad?” In recent years, more and more Bamberg students have answered this question with a “Yes, why not!” answer. Our university therefore occupies an outstanding position not only nationally but also internationally. 30 percent of Bamberg students have already studied abroad or will continue to do so during their time in Bamberg; Approximately 10 percent complete an internship abroad or a foreign language assistantship at a school abroad.

Most students who decide to study abroad (around 80 percent) take advantage of the wide range of exchange programs. Once you are done with the study abroad, you have an option to apply for NAFTA jobs Canada. Conversely, more and more international students have taken admissions in foreign, especially thanks to the exchange programs. Their share is now almost 15 percent. They all contribute significantly to the international flair of our university.

Top Reasons to Study Abroad

The great interest in studying abroad is no coincidence:

  • Abroad you can deepen and supplement your study content, get to know other teaching methods, and compare and take courses that are not offered in your country.
  • There has been increasing movement in the process of recognizing study achievements from abroad. In almost all degree programs, individual courses and sometimes entire modules from abroad can be brought in after consultation with the relevant subject representatives. In some study programs, so-called mobility windows have been created that enable flexible recognition.

Top Reasons to Study Abroad

  • Thanks to the option of taking a leave of absence while studying abroad, you will not lose any study time. The semesters abroad will only be credited towards your study time here if your study achievements from abroad are also recognized. Different rules apply from subject to subject. In general, it is possible to take a leave of absence for two semesters.
  • You can significantly improve your foreign language skills, sometimes even in two languages. Numerous partner universities also offer courses in English. Please note the relevant information regarding applicants from the individual universities. You can also learn the respective national language, for which there are special courses.
  • Studying abroad looks good on any future application and may be the icing on the cake for your education.
  • Due to the large number of Bamberg exchange programs, the routes abroad have become shorter and the application process has become less bureaucratic. You will receive a waiver of tuition fees and, with the ERASMUS programs, you will also receive a monthly scholarship of several hundred euros as a subsidy towards your living costs. By waiving tuition fees alone, you often save several thousand euros, in some cases even up to 30,000 euros per academic year.
  • Postponed is often canceled: If a stay abroad appeals to you, then go now; You will probably never again be as flexible in your future professional/family life as you were during your time as a student. For most people, living abroad for a while remains an impossible dream after completing their studies.
  • You have the amazing chance to fully immerse yourself in a foreign culture while you study abroad. You will encounter things that are quite different from those in your native country when you study abroad. You may explore the nation’s famous landmarks and natural marvels, sample local cuisine, learn about local customs, and much more when you move to a new area.
  • Of course, your selected study abroad location offers a plethora of opportunities for exploration, but it also serves as an excellent starting point for travel. For instance, studying in the UK makes it simple to go to France, Spain, Portugal, or Ireland, which enables you to further enlighten yourself. Traveling the world is a fantastic opportunity to broaden your horizons and develop your character.
  • You will also get the chance to study a new language, which is another compelling incentive to enroll as an international student. You will be speaking, writing, learning, and receiving assessments in English at a UK institution. You will need to utilize the language in your daily life, such as when you go shopping or converse with locals, in addition to throughout your studies. Speaking another language, especially one with as much usage as English may lead to new opportunities both personally and professionally.
  • You will make a lot of new friends as you begin your university education. They are embarking on a new trip, which puts you in a similar situation, so you will have something in common. University connections have the potential to last a lifetime. A great way to find new interests and hobbies is via university. You might look for activities in your neighborhood or join a society. There is a plethora of chances open to you when studying abroad that might not exist in your native country.
  • Studying abroad will provide you with a different set of difficulties. Living alone for the first time while attending college may be difficult, especially if you’re studying abroad. However, overcoming the difficulties that come with your newfound freedom is a crucial component of your personal development and, in the end, may help you become a more mature adult.

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Go through Testimonials and Reviews of Universities and Countries

Last but not least: The opportunity to get to know another country, its culture, and new people during a stay abroad is always the chance for a bit of joy in life. Despite all the work that goes into organizing a stay abroad, and despite the odd problem that can arise during preparation or while abroad, we are not aware of a single case where a former exchange participant has changed his mind and would have regretted studying abroad. Quite the opposite: comments like the following, which you can read in the testimonials in the International Office library, speak for themselves: The best choice to study in Europe (Christian, Poland). Just great, you’ll love it, too! (Daniela, USA). It was just great!!! (Heike, Denmark). An amazing year that I can only recommend to everyone. (Oliver, France). Do I have to go back? (Mathias, Spain). The greatest year of my studies! (Thomas, Italy).

Why is studying abroad good?

Studying overseas is up to you. Studying overseas has many advantages, and there are now even more options for students to engage in global education. Consider your goals for your study sessions. Do you find a certain method of instruction or type of facility appealing? Do you wish to study your chosen topic and pick up a second language at the same time? Employers may find it appealing because students who study overseas have a desire to explore new things.

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