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Outsourcing Rental Repairs & Maintenance
By AMANDA MILLS 1,447 views

The Complete Guide for Outsourcing Rental Repairs & Maintenance (2023)

Repairs and maintenance services are essential to keeping rental properties in good shape. Most rental laws state that landlords must maintain livable conditions and satisfy basic habitability for their tenants. Failure to do so may result in different penalties according to local rental laws of the state. 

Outsourcing repairs and maintenance is an excellent way to avoid such issues and take up cost-effective and reliable services for rental properties. It helps landlords or tenants ensure that their concerns are addressed well and that they receive the necessary solutions.

However, before outsourcing any services, landlords and tenants must be mindful of their requirements and the process of taking up different solutions. Here’s what everyone needs to remember before outsourcing rental repairs and maintenance services.

Did You Know?

Only 89% of landlords take up repair services for their rental properties.

A Guide to Outsourcing Rental Repairs and Maintenance

Understanding Property Requirements 

Understanding what service the property needs is necessary before outsourcing any solution. Services such as fixing light fixtures, improving plumbing, repairing cracks and leaks, etc., are a few standard repair requirements that may arise in a rental property. There are repairs that the landlord takes on by themselves to abide by property taxes by state regulations, or the tenants pitch in if they are taking on services that were not explicitly listed in the rental agreement. 

In such instances, outsourcing repairs or maintenance will depend on specific requirements as the service providers will only focus on a particular issue. Hence, it becomes necessary to understand the exact purpose of outsourcing these services before proceeding.

Check for Reliability 

When you outsource a repairs and maintenance service, it is necessary to ensure that the provider is trustworthy and efficient with their work. Whether the landlord is taking up the work or the tenant, both parties must be mindful of the service provider they undertake. 

Reliability ensures that work taken up by the property management company for plumbing, garbage disposal, electrical wiring, and more is done efficiently by the providers. When outsourcing a service, looking at past performances and reviews will help avoid the risk of receiving low-quality solutions.

Maintain Communication 

When outsourcing repairs and maintenance, landlords and tenants must communicate with each other about the work that will be taking place. For appliances, lighting, water supply, etc., tenants must tell their landlords about their grievances. It allows both parties to understand the degree of work needed.

It helps them work together to ensure that the best services are entrusted with rental maintenance work. It also helps avoid misunderstandings. About 48.1% of landlords feel that tenants may often exaggerate the issue they are facing. Consistent communication will help avoid such results and push the landlord to take up outsourced maintenance services.

Did You Know?

About 13% of landlords take up work such as changing light bulbs in the apartments by themselves.

What Should a Tenant Do if a Landlord Fails to Take Up Repairs?

While landlords are obligated to take up repair services to satisfy tenants, they may face different consequences in the hands of the tenant in such instances. Here are a few options that tenants can consider.

  1. Withholding rent payments until all issues are resolved.
  2. Hiring maintenance services themselves and deducting the cost of the same from their rent payment.
  3. Paying a lesser amount for rent.
  4. It involved a local building inspector in looking into the matter.
  5. Breaking their lease earlier than the established date.

If the landlord fails to take up these repairs or maintenance services, a tenant can sue for a refund of partial rent or discomfort, annoyance, and emotional distress caused due to the lack of a comfortable stay.

Did You Know?

All significant issues, such as plumbing or heating, must be addressed within 24 hours of a tenant raising the issue. The landlord is also obligated to notify tenants of all repair work.

Why are Repairs and Maintenance Necessary?

  1. These services ensure that the rental property stays in good shape for existing and future tenants. It is an essential requirement for a satisfying stay that the property runs smoothly, leading to long-term tenants and positive rental feedback for the landlord.
  2. Outsourcing repair and maintenance services give landlords a cost-efficient approach to keeping their property in shape. It allows them to take up the necessary solutions in the established budget without spending over their means or incurring unnecessary overheads.
  3. Timely repairs and maintenance help landlords identify potential vulnerabilities in their property or amenities, allowing them to take timely actions to solve these problems. Without these services, various issues can go overlooked, which could lead to significant property damage in the long run.
  4. Outsourcing rental services also allows landlords or tenants to hire professional and experienced workers, leading to high-quality results. These service providers will be able to give you efficient solutions that are needed to ensure that your property stays healthy and can combat different damaging factors, such as seasonal changes, wear and tear, etc.

Did You Know?

On average, landlords receive at least six calls yearly from their tenants about different repair issues.


Outsourcing rental repairs and maintenance services allow landlords and tenants to take up the needed property solutions to maintain the property’s health and shape. Outsourced service providers are a cost-efficient approach for professional solutions crucial for the consistent care of an apartment or house. 

When outsourcing rental services, whether by the tenant or landlord, both parties must keep in mind the requirements that need attending and find the most suitable service provider to achieve high-quality solutions for a rental property.


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