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digital marketing

Guide To Digital Marketing

Do you own a firm or are you an entrepreneur? Transitioning to digital marketing avails you the avenue of reaching out to wider audiences online in the comfort of your offices or homes. 

The ever-changing nature of technology in the 21st century has necessitated the evolution of marketing. It has changed from the traditional method to digital ways of marketing” explained Raymond Halliwell.

Raymond Halliwell is a digital marketer with years of experience in Australia. He stated that digital marketing enables you to interact with potential customers. These customers might have an interest in your products or services.

For a business owner to have an edge over competitors, there is a need to take advantage of digitization.

In the long run, it helps to convert them into your actual customers and build long-term relationships with them.

What Does Marketing Entail?

Marketing is the process of promoting brands and what it stands for. It pushes business to its targeted audience.

It enables image and reputation building.

Marketing is of two types, namely:

  • Traditional Marketing
  • Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing is the use of radio, billboards, physical events, newspapers, and printing publications to promote a business.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is promoting brands, products, or services, businesses to targeted audiences online through phones, televisions, or desktops.

Digital Marketing contributes to the success of a company or business by helping to achieve set goals. These goals may include:

  • Maintaining good relationships with old customers
  • Getting new customers
  • Meeting sales targets
  • Getting business references
  • Expansion

Different Forms of Digital Marketing

Strategies to be adopted for digital marketing of business depend on many factors. They include the type of services, unique clients, the market environment, the product, and competitors.

Forms of Digital Marketing are:

Affiliates Marketing

This is a great business strategy that helps in transforming clients into collaborative referrals. The aim is to boost the revenues of the businesses.

Affiliate marketing enables a business (the advertiser) to retail his/her goods through a third-person publisher (affiliate marketer) online.

The person advertising mostly gives the affiliates an affiliate link to be used on their blogs, websites, social media content.

Based on the agreements reached, the advertisers reward the affiliates. The reward is given when people make use of the link and it results in deals.

Electronic Mail Marketing

Industries seek consent from people to enable them to send emails to them. The industries then obtain emails on their blogs, websites. 

Email marketing helps businesses in building brand awareness until people are prepared to buy goods, and sustain them.

Content Production

Engaging people with meaningful and relatable write-ups regularly makes them look forward to hearing from you.

Content Marketing enables industries to send their promotional messages in many ways. It comprises case studies, blogging, insightful articles, documentations, and others.

Content marketing must be well detailed to facilitate product promotion.

Marketing Through Influencers

Influencers are very famous people on social media. They range from actors, actresses, athletes, musicians, and other notables.

Influencer marketing enables industries to gain different people through famous idols on social media.

These famous idols become brand ambassadors for industries and help drive traffic to their sites. They advertise goods and services through promoted posts.

Marketing through influencers is crucial to a business, as it helps to improve the visibility of a brand.


Internet Radio Marketing

With the help of internet radio(podcast) marketing, businesses can gain wider consumers. They can reach consumers that use the Apple platform, Spotify, and others.

There are different ways businesses can relate with people that listen to podcasts. They can relate with people by taking part in interviews, commencing industry-related themes, and doing ads.

Phone Marketing

People make use of mobile devices in their day-to-day activities.

Phone marketing enables industries to gain customers on their phones and other smart devices. Brands can get to phone users with adverts, text messages targeted towards them.

Search Engines Marketing

Also called search engine optimization, it ranks organic result pages in the search section. The pay-per-click ranks paid search results through Google Ads and similar sites.

It enables brands to get to people using Yahoo, Google, and other search engines.

Social Media Advertisement 

Many people interact with each other through social media, it is a global trend.

Social media Advertisement enables businesses to get to their clients on platforms like Instagram, Telegram, LinkedIn, and so on.

Most businesses will be able to engage with their targets easily on a personal basis on the platforms. Social media can also help in search engine optimization endeavors.

Guerilla Marketing

Through this marketing, brands can achieve open public associations for different popular ads campaigns that people are interested in.

Most of these campaigns occur physically and folks will take to online to narrate the event. It makes it become a facet of a business’s strategy.

Video-Record Marketing

Most people enjoy watching creative videos after a long tiring day.

Marketing with videos enables industries to relate with people through videoing.

It is usually achieved by using video-recording applications like Youtube, TikTok, and others.


Different digital marketing strategies are to be adopted in a business based on the market research done.

“In every aspect of life, consistency is crucial in making progress,” Raymond Halliwell further advised.

In the business world, being consistent with digital marketing helps in building a sustainable brand.

Raymond Halliwell

Hi, I am Raymond Halliwell, a passionate and enthusiastic digital marketing professional with 3 years experience working across Marketing & PR strategy, brand development and digital communications.

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