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Gujarat Titans owner
By GURLEEN KAUR 1,944 views

CVC Capital Partners – The Gujarat Titans Owners

Gujarat Titans and Lucknow Super Giants made headlines as the newest teams to join the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2022. But it was the Titans who captured everyone’s attention as they claimed the title in their debut season.

With a talented team led by captain Hardik Pandya, the Titans quickly rose to the top of the table and proved their mettle in the qualifiers and finals.

Their success can be attributed to smart acquisitions like charismatic all-rounder Pandya, Afghanistan spin bowler Rashid Khan, and young Indian talent Shubmam Gill. Pandya’s exceptional captaincy skills, combined with the understanding between him and coach Ashish Nehra, propelled the Titans to victory.

It’s safe to say that the Gujarat Titans have made a name for themselves as a formidable force in the IPL, and they show no signs of slowing down.

If you’re a fan of the Indian Premier League (IPL) and the Gujarat Titans, you might be curious about the team’s ownership.Well, wonder no more! The Gujarat Titans are owned by CVC Capital Partners, a foreign investment firm. They made a surprise bid at a BCCI-hosted draft prior to the 2022 IPL season and secured the Gujarat franchise. Since then, the team has been making waves in the league, and they even took home the title in their debut season.

This article will dive into the Gujarat Titans’ owners’ backgrounds, their involvement in sports, and the strategies that helped them succeed in IPL 2022.

Who is the owner of Gujarat Titans?

Gujarat Titans Owner

The Gujarat Titans made history when they became the Indian Premier League (IPL) champions in their first season in 2022, thanks to the strong team and efficient management of their owner, the overseas equity firm CVC Capital Partners. CVC Capital Partners, who acquired the team through a successful bid of INR 5,625 crore, have a long-standing history with sports and their strategic investments have led to this milestone victory. 

CVC Capital Partners: The Driving Force Behind Gujarat Titans’ Success

CVC Capital Partners, Luxembourg’s powerhouse private equity and investment advisory firm, have taken ownership of the Gujarat Titans franchise. Heading up the enterprise are Steve Koltes, Donald Mackenzie, and Rolly van Rappard – three heavyweights in the industry, with a combined €125 billion in assets under management and €157 billion in secured commitments. It’s clear CVC Capital Partners is ready to make history! This makes them well-suited to provide innovative solutions for the Gujarat Titans and drive them to success.

CVC Capital Partners’ commitment to the world of sports is undeniable. For 11 years, they held a majority stake in Formula One Group, owning the commercial rights of the sport and subsequently ushering in an era of success and prosperity. Most recently, they acquired a staggering 10% stake in Spanish La Liga’s TV rights for an impressive €2.7 billion. This bold move demonstrates their commitment to investing in sports and further highlights their expertise and knowledge in the industry.

The Gujarat Titans Team – 2023 

The Gujarat Titans Team had an impressive roster under the leadership of Head Coach Ashish Nehra, Captain Hardik Pandya, and Vice-Captain Rashid Khan. Supported by CVC Capital Partners as their official sponsor and boasting an official website – GujaratTitansIPL.com – this team was destined for success. With a powerful lineup, the Titans were well-positioned to dominate the IPL and make a name for themselves as one of the top teams in India.

Nehra has access to an impressive array of coaching experience and expertise in the Titans’ staff. His long-time lieutenant, Gary Kirsten, brings a wealth of knowledge from his previous head coaching positions with India and South Africa’s international sides, as well as his roles at Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL and Hobart Hurricanes in the Australian Big Bash. Furthermore, Vikram Solanki – formerly of England and Surrey – serves as Director of Cricket, while assistant coaches Mithun Manhas and Narender Negi are joined by spin bowling coach Aashish Kapoor – another former India Test and ODI player – to round out this highly capable team.

CVC Capital Partners: Leading the Way in Sports and Beyond with Impressive Investment Portfolio

CVC Capital Partners has made their mark in the world of sports, but that’s not the only area in which they excel. Their impressive portfolio also includes noteworthy investments in healthcare, telecommunications and technology – to name a few. Examples of their outstanding investments include Sky, a major European media and telecommunications provider; AlixPartners, an influential global business advisory firm; and Douglas, a popular European beauty and personal care retailer. With such impressive investments under their belt, CVC Capital Partners is clearly an industry leader.

The Future of Gujarat Titans: Building on Success

Gujarat Titans Owner

CVC Capital Partners, the proud owner of Gujarat Titans franchise, has faced controversies in the past regarding their involvement with Formula One and La Liga. They were criticised for prioritising profits over the well-being of the sports, leading to a decline in viewership and opposition from clubs concerned about their revenues and control over broadcasting rights. Despite this, the future of Gujarat Titans looks promising, with a successful debut season under their belt and going full guns for the ongoing IPL season.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Gujarat Titans have made a remarkable impact on the Indian Premier League since their debut season in 2022. With CVC Capital Partners as the team’s owner, the Titans have built a strong foundation for success with smart investments and strategic leadership. The team’s impressive roster, led by head coach Ashish Nehra and captain Hardik Pandya, proved to be a winning combination, securing the team’s first IPL title in 2022. CVC Capital Partners’ expertise in the sports industry is evident through their previous investments, including Formula One and La Liga, as well as their diverse portfolio in other industries. The Gujarat Titans future looks bright, as they continue to build on their success in the ongoing IPL.

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