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By MILDRED BROWN 1,793 views

Debunking Cosplay Myths About Halloween Costume Jackets

Carving pumpkins and myths!

Isn’t it amazing when it comes to Halloween, and we are all up for the carved pumpkins and pies., You can always make some efforts for Halloween since it is around the corner. It is no doubt the best way of letting yourself out there and putting your personality in front of the crowd. This is one night where nobody is going to judge you. Regardless of you as a person. It is in the best interest of people to dress like their favorite characters at Halloween and pull out some pranks. Playing that truth and dare and that trick or treat. It has been a crazy hell of a ride in your childhood. 

It is often considered amazing to share your happiness with your friend. But Halloween is just more than that. An era and time where everybody wants to dress just for the sake of looking seductive. It is nothing really but the sound of your own cosplay costume that matters the most. People would take all the hot outfit options to look appealing. But there is nothing as such when it comes to putting your real self forward. When you love a character and dress like it, don’t compromise your individuality. It will not only make you feel good.

When it comes to cosplay, there are many misconceptions about this hobby. Some may think of it as a tradition. Others just think it is just another way to gain attention. However, cosplay is actually just dressing up as your favorite character, and it is something fans of movies, comics, seasons, anime, cartoons, and games do for fun. Fans either like the character or are just interested in the costume design. The myths of cosplay weren’t just about the Halloween tradition but also about your outfits’ outfits are a clear representation of your acts and personalities. Today your little bubble of myths would be busted. And it is amazing when it comes to making your impression this year at Halloween. 

Designing the costumes

harley quinn halloween costume

A common myth about this cosplay is that you have to design everything on your own. Why would you have to design everything? To people calling you the undefeatable. You have really considered all of your options. The Harley Quinn Halloween costume is a ready-made costume that would allow you to add some of the changes like makeup or a nice hairdo, and you would be good to go. This kind of power and convince you can get when it comes to the cosplay part of Halloween. Since it doesn’t make you any less of a cosplayer while taking an already designed clothing piece to incorporate into your outfit. A good costume will make you feel confident and make things more hilarious and amazing. You don’t need any kind of validation for this. It is only you and yourself. 

The look-alikes

jared leto joker costume

Cosplayer only dresses according to the character they look like. This is just a myth. It isn’t any rule book that has formulated such rules. It is all about how you should be getting things done in your fashion choices. You can always make your choices since it is not difficult for you to get the real you out. It doesn’t matter if you don’t look like a character. What matters is that you like them. And them being your inspiration. You have to get yourself into cosplay and enjoy it. You would love the way they have inspired your personality.

The kind of personality traits they have gifted you are the type you crave for. And you can obviously make yourself go all day on the outcome and final result. This Jared Leto joker costume is one of the best ones so far. This costume is bold and fierce. It really demands pushing your boundaries. And after all, you can be a cosplayer without looking like a character your costume is inspired by. 

Never too old for a change

You are never too old to have fun and the best nights of your life. Especially on Halloween. This moment is for you and only you, regardless of your age. If people have this old myth made up in their minds that old people can’t do cosplays, then we are sorry, but this is not how things work. You can make yourself more comfortable in whatever you want to wear. It is not like you are overdoing anything. It is necessary to make sure that you will add up some spice and still feel that youthful and fresh side of yours. 

Not everything is about posting

It is definitely never for only the social media hype and attention. Well, yes, they are part of Halloween. But cosplayers have so much more than that to serve in their lives. Their purpose is not to only get attention or seduce someone. It is their own self-satisfaction. That they are achieving a look that they worked for, and it paid them off very well. It is necessary to appreciate all the people who have put an effort into really getting ready for the Halloween Party and taking part in the cosplay competitions. Because they are doing what they are really good at. 

The real essence of cosplay

The most amazing part of being a cosplayer is to have real fun in your life. It is to add some more spice to your boring life than to already make some effort to make it alright. This suicide squad cosplay costume really makes you look like the champion of the cosplay community. You don’t have to skip your classes or work on your costume. It is all out there. All ready-made for you. All you need to do is to pair the right accessories and some interesting hairdos and some nice neon shoes. It would be amazing if you start experimenting with more colors and be playful. This can actually make your life more colorful and happening. And it is your opportunity to take advantage of your hobbies. You can always have an unconventional hobby. It would end up great.

Mildred Brown

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