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healthcare mobile app
By TARUN NAGAR 445 views

Addressing Modern Challenges in Healthcare with Mobile App

COVID-19 has taught us a big lesson about healthcare. Healthcare is one of the essential requirements for us, and the healthcare industry is one of the biggest industries. So, due to the rapid increase in people’s interest in health, healthcare companies are leveraging this trend for business. Furthermore, mobile apps are helping brands to address modern healthcare challenges.

Healthcare software development services are evolving dynamically and showing the way for businesses to offer their services in a better way. Still, there might be a question: How is mobile app development helping the healthcare industry?

Then this blog will help you to understand the whole scenario. Here we will read about the involvement of mobile apps in healthcare sectors and how they address contemporary challenges.

To have a deeper understanding, let’s start with some key stats.

Healthcare & Mobile Apps Key Stats

  • The estimated global mobile health market in 2025 is 189 billion USD.
  • There 84% of health apps are free for use without in-app purchases.
  • eHealth apps segment is projected to reach $3.0 billion by 2027 with a CAGR(2023-2027) of 13%.
  • The apps like Strava, Calm, and MyFitnessPal have a large global user base.
  • An app like Fitbit has more than 31 million users around the globe.

Let’s move to the next section which is about basic information.

What Are Healthcare Apps?

Healthcare apps are mobile applications that people use to get solutions for their health issues via connecting to medical professionals such as doctors, medical practitioners, and pharmacists. These apps run on platforms like Android and iOS. Healthcare apps offer convenient ways to patients caring for their health and allow professionals to offer the best healthcare experience to the people.

One of the key benefits of healthcare apps is that doctors and patients can connect at any time to discuss and resolve health issues. Healthcare software development is making it possible.

There is another term also people search over the internet, and that is Healthcare app development. So, its answer is simple: the process of developing mobile apps created to improve health and wellness practices is called healthcare mobile app development.

You will be surprised that over 40,000 healthcare apps are available over the internet, and people are using these as per their needs. Now, most brands are focusing on creating mobile apps for their healthcare brand.

Why has Healthcare App Development Became Important?

During the Pandemic, people and healthcare professionals realized that there must be remote healthcare monitoring so patients can easily reach doctors. During 2019-2020 the existing mobile apps helped people a lot, and more demand generated the healthcare mobile app development requirement.

Due to offering solutions for mental to physical health, fitness healthcare apps have become crucial for all, from companies to end users. For all types of requirements, you can use mobile healthcare applications, from fitness to the get treatment from doctors.

How Healthcare Mobile Apps Are Helping?

To understand how healthcare apps are helping then, you need to think in two directions, such as from the patient’s point of view and the doctor’s point of view. So, let’s read what these are.

1. Healthcare Mobile Apps For Patients

Healthcare mobile apps are helping people innovatively and smoothly. These apps are the best for multi-purpose such as ordering medicines, purchasing health supplements, ordering healthcare devices, finding the right doctor for treatment, and more. Most mobile apps are available and developed with a patient-centric approach.

The key benefits of mobile healthcare apps for patients are:

  • Health Monitoring

One of the best advantages of healthcare apps is health monitoring. Under the guidance of doctors, patients can monitor their health with ease. They can keep their eyes on health by using only an app and device.

  • Seamless Appointment Booking

Once, it was too daunting to book appointments with the doctor. But with the help of healthcare apps, it is nothing. You can book an appointment anytime, anywhere, via the mobile app. Even in emergency conditions, you can also ask for medical help.

  • Improved Availability

Decades ago, getting treatment for patients at a remote location was too tough. First, they need to arrange convenience and then reach the hospital. Since the evolution of healthcare mobile apps, getting treatment for people living in far-flung areas has become easy.

  • Easier Access to Prescriptions

Most patients reported that it is too tough to manage paper-based prescriptions. Mobile apps remain best for it. All prescriptions can be managed with a single click by patients. The doctors can directly send and share the prescription with patients.

2. Healthcare Mobile Apps For Doctors

 Not only patients but mobile healthcare apps also made it easy for doctors to treat patients. They can monitor the patients, maintain patient records, prescription and clinical documentation, and more. In case of any emergency, the doctors remain on alert to handle the patient’s condition. Healthcare apps make doctor’s life very easy.

  • Improved Efficiency

For a doctor, it is a bigger concern to manage multiple patients. Manually it is a big task. Here a mobile healthcare app offers an easy solution where doctors can handle multiple patients quickly. They can address all their issues. They can monitor all patients with ease.

  • Minimal Diagnostic Risks

There are chances where errors can happen with patients’ diagnostic records. Even if it is managed manually, it is horrible to find old records. With a mobile app, it is easy to retrieve old records.

  • Immediate Access To Care

One of the biggest advantages of mobile app development services to the healthcare sector is that they make patient care easy. Doctors remain available 24/7 to address the patient’s issue. The apps come with in-app communication features, so the doctors reach patients with ease and vice-versa.

  • Hassle-Free Payments

Managing payment is also a burdened task for hospitals, doctors, and clinics. They need to rely on the accountants and other staff for monitoring. On the other hand, with the app, it is much smoother to manage the payment.

It is all about that how healthcare mobile apps help. One thing is for sure these apps are eliminating the challenges from everyone’s life that was a long time need. In addition, you also need to know about the types of healthcare apps available in the market, especially if you want to develop them for your business.

Key Types of Healthcare Mobile Apps

The Play Store and App Store are filled with multiple healthcare apps, and some apps are yet to launch on mobile platforms. Based on the purpose, these apps can be categorized as:

# Apps For Patients

  • Fitness Apps
  • Medicine Ordering Apps
  • Mental Health Apps
  • Diet Tracking Apps
  • AI-Based Self-Diagnosis Apps
  • Lab Test Booking Apps

# Apps For Doctors

  • Telemedicine Apps
  • Remote Monitoring Apps
  • Appointment Management Apps
  • Clinical Assistance Apps

The Final Thoughts

With the evolution of technology, digital healthcare practices also rise. Mobile apps appeared as one of the biggest and most powerful mediums for imparting the best healthcare practices. Before the introduction of medical or mHealth apps, there were challenges, such as the limited reach of treatment and doctors. It has been resolved now due to the availability of mobile healthcare apps. Healthcare businesses and startups are leveraging on-demand app development to produce better solutions to address the modern challenges in healthcare. If you are also looking to launch your app, then it is the right time to do the only thing you need to do is have an idea and implement it.

Tarun Nagar

Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys UAE, a global ranking Website Development Company, and Mobile App Development Company. With 12+ years of experience in enabling then Startups.