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Mental Health issues
By ROGER EL SAMARA 2,135 views

Tips To Cure Mental Health Issues

It has been said that one out of four people will experience mental issues in a lifetime and millions are already suffering from one mental health or another. Many of us at one point in time also experience little things that we think don’t count like fear and worries, anxieties, stress, feeling low and sad, mood swings, among others. When this happens, we tend to distract ourselves with comforting food or stream endless movies online. While all these are good, there are other steps to take that can give long-term benefits. I have discovered that there are simple tweaks and changes in lifestyle that yield good results. I, Roger El Samara, your number one source for informative and educational tips on health and wellness bring tips to improve mental illness. It’s high time you make your mental health a priority. 

Stop consuming craps

As much as it is tempting to reach out for those sweets, caffeine, a pack of cigarettes, or bottles of whiskey while feeling down, you might be aggravating the problems rather than alienating them. It might seem like they have some positive effects, these results are temporary and when they wear off, they have already tempered your mental health. You might feel good at the moment, and experience even heavier feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress later. 

Take a lot of zzzz’s

Poor sleep can be one of the first signs of distress and other mental issues.  When things are going wrong and you find yourself sleeping too much or not sleeping at all, your mental being is at stake. For this, set a sleeping routine and stick to it. While at it, cut out all distractions including phones, lights, and screens. 

Speak out

Speaking to people you can trust can make a huge difference in improving mental health. However, this is one thing many struggles with as they prefer to isolate themselves and be alone. Talking to someone about what’s going on can be one of the greatest therapy for mental health and it’s a huge step towards healing. No one is going to judge or condemn you but rather lend listening ears that will make you feel heard and loved. 

Take a break 

Learn to take a break from the hustle bustles of life to do your mental health some good. Don’t overstress yourself to cover up for the struggles of the mind. It will only wear you out and you might find yourself struggling to cope with anxieties and stress. Unwind, relax and get them sorted out. 

Eat well

What you eat will not only affect your physical health but mental health as well. And by eating well, I mean taking a well-balanced meal full of required nutrients, vegetables, fruits, and all. These foods help get rid of chemicals that sprout negative feelings while boosting your mood and overall well-being. 

Swear it out

Staying active or exercising regularly is not only good for physical fitness, but it’s also medicine to mental health as well. When you sweat out through exercise, the feel-good hormones, endorphins are released to perform their functions, make you feel good. Hence, if you’re feeling low and down, go biking or do some strength training to boost your mood. 

Be kind to yourself

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t beat yourself too hard because things didn’t go as planned. Look at yourself with a positive outlook and understand that any challenges you are going through will still become a thing of the past. 

For more on mindfulness, health and wellness, food, and everything in between go through my page on  Roger El Samara. Happy reading!

Roger El Samara

Hi, I am Roger el Samara from Montreal, Canada. I write about mindfulness, self help, books, health & wellness, travel and food. Do enjoy browsing.

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