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By HARRY MILLER 508 views

Daily Routine for a Healthy Lifestyle to Follow

For those who have started a healthy lifestyle, the question finally arises: how can you make the most of your time?

There are only 24 hours a day, and at first glance, it is not so much that we spend a third of this time in a dream, spending a third more often at work and remaining only eight hours on development. To solve everyday problems, self-education, and helping others. For example, helping someone put on a compression ankle sprain after an accident and so on. The whole of this blog is dedicated to how can you allocate your precious free time to develop harmoniously in all areas of life?

Learn the following ways:

How and when should you sleep?

As mentioned above, we spend a third of our lives sleeping, so even this time should be spent. Unfortunately, most of us have a bad habit of going to bed late. For this reason, we first wake up tired and broken, and secondly, we wake up later than we should. As experience shows, most of the day was wasted on all sorts of nonsense: surfing the Internet, watching television shows, uselessly talking on social networks.

Many people also have the habit of eating too much at night and throwing away food more often. However, eating late at night is harmful to the body. Therefore, if you go to bed earlier, you can immediately solve some problems: get rid of the habit of overeating at night, save time, and learn to get up earlier. Better, go to bed before midnight, preferably at. 9-10.

When and how to eat?

Experience shows that it is better to skip breakfast. During sleep, the body gathers energy, and if you get up early in the morning and devote your time to spiritual exercise, you will have more energy. If you notice, there is no feeling of hunger in the morning. In addition, the habit of breakfast is more often imposed by society. There is a saying: “An animal eats three times a day, people eat twice a day, saints, once a day.”

And as we go down in history, people have more recently eaten two or even once a day. In ancient Greece and Rome, people ate once a day. The Spartans ate once a day, at night. Even in the 19th century, the habit of eating twice a day in England was maintained. Therefore, they started triumphing three times a day in our society three times a day. Food businesses have started promoting the concept of three meals a day to increase profits. In fact, the body does not need food at all in the mornings: it has rested, accumulated energy and not actually wasted it, and if you listen to yourself, you do not feel hungry.

Spiritual practices

Keeping the body and mind in good condition cannot be practiced without daily exercise. As mentioned before, the best time to exercise is in the morning. At this time, it is best to practice meditation, asanas and a little pranayama with your breathing to gain energy during the day for activity. When exercising in the evenings, it is better to keep away from intense physical exercise so as not to pick up excess energy before bed. The best option is asanas and a quiet pranayama with exhalation. For example, Apanasati Hinayana. Also, do not forget shatkarmas. Before going to bed, you can perform Trataka, focusing on the candle flame. It has a powerful cleansing effect on our consciousness, and the evening is the best period for implementation. First, it will be dark already, which will allow us to concentrate better on the candle flame, and secondly, it will allow us to clear everything we have plunged into our minds before going to bed.

The ideal daily routine (one of the versions)

We, therefore, examine the most important questions: what time to sleep, what to devote to exercise, and what to eat. Consider one of the options for an ideal daily routine. For example, if you broadcast TV series or movies daily, you should also follow this practice. Although it is worth noting that the ‘ideal’ option for each person will be different.

  • 4 – 6 hours – climb. Preferably before dawn. Take a cold shower after getting up.
  • 4 – 9 hours – yoga practice: asanas, pranayama, meditation. Reading of spiritual literature. Maybe creativity. In the morning, creativity also develops.
  • 9 – 12 hours – work, social activities.
  • 12 – 14 hours – eat. If you are planning to eat heavy foods, it is better to do so in a certain period of time – it is quickly absorbed and absorbed.
  • 14 – 18 hours – work, social activities.
  • 16-18 hours: the second meal


Make sure that you follow all these tips and make you’re living heaven. Otherwise, it is hard to sustain in today’s fast paced world with such a routine.

Harry Miller

My name is Harry Miller, and I am a Web Content specialist, Travel enthusiast and Blogger. I write for many well known blogs and try to present my critical take on the latest socio-cultural trends that dominate the blogosphere. I live in Brazoria, TX.