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Hire A Buyer's Agent
By EMILY WILSON 506 views

3 Reasons To Always Hire A Buyer’s Agent

Buying a house is a very exciting moment for everybody involved. First of all, you are getting your future home, a place where you will spend a significant part of your life. You may even want to raise a family here, and pass it down the generations. Whatever your wish is, getting a new home is no joke. This leads us to the other important point, and that is money. Saying it is a very significant investment is not doing the whole situation justice. You may have reached this point through significant savings or even a loan. No matter how lots of money is involved. So it stands to reason that you could use some help. This means you could use a buyers agent.

Now, a buyer agent can come in handy and help you make the right financial decision. This person is there to protect your interests and the interests of the seller. How they do this, and what added benefits buyers agents have, can be read below.

They know what to look for

It doesn’t matter if this is home number one, or number twenty, there will always be things that you will not notice. You simply lack the practice. This is why you need a good buyers agent. They see over a dozen houses per week, they know exactly what to look for and what to pay attention too.

Of course, finding a good one isn’t easy, but an expert buyers agent can save you a lot of trouble and grief in the future. They are professionals for a reason, you’re hiring them for their expertise and their experience. You may go house hunting, and simply not notice certain issues a house has that can cause you trouble down the line. Unless you have actual experience in construction or architecture, you probably won’t notice a structure issue that can cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars in the future. The agent, on the other hand, can warn you on time. They can also help you process a ton of information you may get about a certain home. Instead of losing out on a good deal (or ending up in a bad one) you will get things properly explained to you.

Buyers agents understand the market

Figuring out the value of your home is not easy. Sure, things like how the place has been built, set up, and furnished can give you a grasp on its value. The prices of a house with a real slate roof compared to one that has cheap wooden shingles will obviously differ. However, there are other, more complex aspects to house pricing. Namely, the state in which the market is in, and what the prices look like is also important, as is the area in which it is located.

For example, if you decided to move to a new town and buy a house there, you simply don’t know the area. A local agent can help you understand just how good (or bad) a neighbourhood is. This can then explain the high (or low) price of a home. Furthermore, they can save you from getting ripped off. The housing market may have lower prices all around in the area where you want to live in. However, since you’re not a native, and you’re not in the housing business, you simply don’t know this. So, you may get a needlessly huge price tag on a home that is simply worthless.

Furthermore, the housing market in Brisbane is not the same as the one in Sydney. So it stands to reason that you want somebody local, somebody specialized. So, if you want a home in Sydney, you want a good Sydney buyer agent on call. Always go with a local company, instead of just picking out the largest conglomerate you find.

They can help with financing and paperwork

Buying a home can be very expensive, and sometimes it’s not easy getting the right amount of cash. A buyers agent can help with financing as well. There are many options, mortgages, loans, and elements you can choose from. So many, in fact, that it can get rather confusing. A buyers agent can actually help you out with this as well. They have experience with navigating any bureaucratic and administrative issues and may assist you in, for example, getting financing through a broker.

Furthermore, not only have they helped you with avoiding the common pitfalls of buying a home, as well as getting money to buy one, they’re here to help with paperwork too. They know how to write a contract that will benefit both parties, they understand how to get the most out of the deal, and know how to keep you safe. Furthermore, they just make things easier. Less hassle, less time spent on bureaucracy and contacting other necessary professionals. For example, they already have the numbers of certified plumbers, inspectors, attorneys, and insurance companies.


Many people don’t know just how big of a help a buyers agent can be. They can assist you with every aspect of the home buying process. Everything from drafting a basic contract, to helping you get a good inspector and plumber at the location. A good buyers agent can help you get the best deal possible, in the shortest amount of time, saving you from getting tricked or taken advantage of.

Emily Wilson

Emily is a business psychologist with a passion for marketing. Researching, exploring and writing are her favourite things to do. Besides that, she loves animals and travelling.