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By ASHLY WILLIAM 1,508 views

A Better Way to Hire Manufacturing Engineers and Managers: Skills Tests

Did you know that a single vacancy can cost companies around $500 per day? This translates to approximately $15,000 on average for the month it takes to find a replacement.

With such high stakes, it is important to have quality hiring practices that help you identify top candidates fast. Unfortunately, that is often easier said than done, especially when recruiting candidates with manufacturing engineer and manufacturing manager skills.

With that in mind, we created this guide to show you a better way to hire. Using skills tests, you can identify candidates with the requisite talents to become an asset to your organization.

These tests not only assess applicants for manufacturing-specific attributes, but they can also gauge other abilities, such as communication and critical thinking skills.

Manufacturing Engineer Skills

Any manufacturing engineer must have the requisite education and experience to perform engineering-specific tasks. Manufacturing engineer skills tests include core topics such as process capabilities, parts manufacturing, and materials science. While any manufacturing engineering candidate must possess these skills, they will also need several additional attributes.

The best manufacturing engineers are known for their superior attention to detail. They carefully review all data and make flawlessly accurate calculations. After all, a single mistake can cost your organization thousands of dollars or create a potentially dangerous working environment.

In addition, skills tests for manufacturing engineer candidates should address critical thinking skills. An engineer who scores well on this type of test will self-manage much of the time. They will also be well-equipped to solve various problems that they may encounter throughout their workday.

Lastly, manufacturing engineers need good communication abilities. They need to promptly and concisely relay information to supervisors and other engineers while working on various projects throughout your facility.

By testing your engineering candidates for good communication skills, you can weed out applicants with a strong resume lacking other desirable attributes.

Manufacturing Manager Skills

When screening managerial candidates, you must choose individuals who are a good fit for your organization. If you hire a manager who lacks requisite hard skills, they will negatively impact your workplace culture.

A bad hire will diminish employee morale and could even cause a large-scale exodus of existing staff members. To avoid this issue, we recommend screening managerial prospects for several core attributes.

Every great manager must have exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. They should rally subordinates, resolve in-house issues between team members, and bring the best out in every employee.

Communication-focused skills tests can provide invaluable insights into a managerial candidate’s communication skills when used with your traditional interview process.

You should also screen managerial prospects for technical skills that relate to their responsibilities. When their subordinates encounter a hurdle that they cannot overcome on their own, they should promptly bring that issue to the manager.

There are hundreds of manufacturing manager skills tests available. These assessments address skills such as production management, which are an integral part of manufacturing.

Before selecting a manufacturing manager, you should also assess them for decision-making skills. A skills test dedicated to this topic will require the candidate to solve a series of workplace scenarios. They will receive a cumulative score as well as topic-specific feedback.

Benefits of Using Skills Tests

Over one-quarter of all employers find that most candidates lack the job skills or interpersonal attributes they require. You and your hiring team have undoubtedly encountered this very problem during your search for manufacturing engineer and managerial candidates.

This situation is all the more reason to start using skills tests as part of your hiring process. These tests offer a wide variety of benefits.

The most significant advantage of skills tests is that they help you avoid making the wrong hiring decision.

In addition, you can put a candidate’s resume claims to the test. Anyone can list a variety of certifications and skills on their resume. However, a skills assessment will allow you to separate the pretenders from the true professionals.

The skills tests can even assist you in differentiating between candidates with similar qualifications. If you have two or three applicants who appear to be top talent, testing for hard skills will give your hiring team one more assessment tool to choose the absolute best option.

Rapidly Identify Candidates with Top Manager and Manufacturing Engineer Skills

Engineering and Manufacturing Manager Skills Tests present a clear solution if you seek a proven way to identify and hire top talent. Incorporating these tests into your hiring practices can efficiently identify candidates with relevant engineering and manufacturing manager skills.

However, partnering with a boutique firm to develop your in-house testing protocols takes time and resources. Instead, work with eSkill to quickly gain access to quality skills tests.

Our database includes hundreds of tests that have been refined using industry-specific research. You can test candidates for core manufacturing skills, along with additional attributes such as attention to detail.

Do you want to learn how to assess manufacturing engineer and manufacturing manager skills? Request a demo today.

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