Software development teams nowadays drive the IT industry. For this purpose, businesses are relying more on hiring a software development company partner instead of opting for in-house development teams. No doubt, outsourcing such services is more advantageous than hiring an in-house development team.

With so many choices available, the task of hiring a software developer becomes daunting. Even when a company has substantial resources, several mid-sized businesses, startups, and other organizations find it challenging to keep up with emerging technologies.

That said, to keep up with the technological advancements evolving at dizzying speed, outsourcing software development becomes pertinent. Software development is responsible for innovation, which is critical for your business. Hence, experienced software development will put your business forth with some of the best products developed.

Before you hire software developers for your business, you need to ensure that they are just the right fit for you. The key to hiring the best partner is asking the right questions. Let us know a few questions that you should ask before choosing a software development firm.

How Do You Vet and Hire Your Developers?

Though the decision of hiring a software development company will be yours, the company also employs developers for itself. Hence, it is crucial to know the process they follow for vetting developers. Most probably, you are looking for skills in the developers that are lacking in your own company. That said, you should make sure that the team has them to cater to your needs.

You should also go through the training procedure followed by the company to make sure that they follow a consistent philosophy. This way, you will rest assured that the team has received the right training to complete your project.

What Methodology or Approach Do You Use?

This question will give you an idea of whether or not the software development team is compatible with your business. For instance, if you follow agile methodology and the outsourcing team embraces the same approach, you know what you can expect from the process and the partnership.

Even if the software development sector is not so huge in your company, and if you don’t follow a specific approach, the methodology used by your partner will give you a clear idea of the development procedures they follow.

What’s Your Experience Like in This Niche?

No matter which industry your business operates in, your development partner should know its ins and outs. That said, it can be healthcare, finance, entertainment, or education. This way, they will better understand your needs and act accordingly. They can also find solutions to every problem quickly, as and when it occurs. Hence, you should ask for their experience working for your industry to ensure that they are well-versed in how the industry operates.

The size of your company is also one of the factors that should be considered. For instance, if you are a startup, hire software developers who have worked with many startups and vice versa.

Do You Have Experience in Working with Businesses in My Region?

If you choose a company from another country, you should also ask this question. Many companies often have bilingual developers and professional staff to cater to all your needs; however, this isn’t always the case. You should ask them if they have worked with other businesses in your region in the past and the terms of communication that they have used, the scheduling, and much more.

Do they have to provide coverage during off-hours? How do they manage the difference in time zone? These questions should be accompanied to rest assured.

How Will You Keep Me Updated on Progress?

When it comes to software development, communication matters the most. If you are hiring software developers locally, there are high chances that you will meet them once a week or even a month. When outsourcing, you may not get an opportunity to meet with the team. In such a scenario, you should ask them how they will keep you updated with the progress of your project.

You should make sure that they keep the communication seamless and you have a dedicated project manager assigned to your project. Before outsourcing, ensure that the project manager is fluent in English and has years of experience working for clients belonging to different time zones.

How Much Transparency will you Provide to my Organization in the Project?

You should make sure that your organization is capable of setting milestones and goals for the project. Ask the software development company about their transparency in the approach they follow. Also, how do they keep their clients in the loop for their projects? Consider it a red flag if the firm cannot provide you with much visibility or is hesitant in answering questions.

How Do You Handle Testing and Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance is a crucial part of any project, and it is vital for the agile development process. You should ensure that your development partner has a full-fledged, strong, and highly experienced development team to take care of the testing process after development gets completed. The QA team will efficiently help identify issues and ensure that the product developed meets all your requirements. Beyond everything else, the team should be able to understand the significance of user experience.


Are you ready to outsource your software development needs to a software development company? Get a chance to work with the best talents globally by hiring an offshore team of developers. Your development software should be able to provide solutions that are transparent, fast, and efficient. Carry out a healthy round of questions to ensure that you don’t get any negative surprises during the development process.

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